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Bourjois Smoky eyes eyeshadow trio 04 nude ingenu 05 rose vintage


Doing my New Year's Cleaning I realized that there are products in my collection that I just never use. Some of them are pretty expensive or have a beautiful packaging and I will feel bad trowing them away. This post will be divided into a few parts because sadly I have a lot of products like that.

 Bourjois Smoky eyes trio in 04 nude ingenu and 05 rose vintage

I waited for these eyeshadows to be released with such an excitement. The colours are beautiful, the combinations are good and there are a lot of colours to choose from. The problem with these eyeshadows is that they are not very pigmented (especially the lightest colour), they are difficult to apply onto the lid and they don't last a long time.

bourjois smoky eyes trio 04 nude ingenu swatch

bourjois smoky eyes 05 rose vintage

 Clinique Anti-Blemish solutions clearing concealer

I mainly use concealer to cover imperfections. When I saw this product specifically made for covering blemishes I decided that it is exactly what I am looking for. It is appropriate for all skin types. Part of the problem with this concealer is that it is a little bit too light of a colour for me.The thing about it that I totally don't like is the thick and dry consistancy that instead of covering the blemish just makes it more noticable.

clinique anti-blemish solutions clearing concealer

clinique anti-blemish solutions clearing concealer

Guerlian Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine

I really regret buying this product. The colour that I own was limited edition with one of the Guerlian spring collections. My huge problem with this lipgloss is the way it smells - it smells pretty strong of that children strawberry medcine (I'm sure you know what I am talking about). I can't stand the way it tastes and I never wear this lipgloss.

guerlian Kiss Kiss Gloss Extreme Shine cerise tentation

L'OREAL Roll'on True Match Perfecting Roll'on Foundation

The reason I bought this foundation was the roll'on that is supposed to apply the product flawlessly. This roll'on does not do the job at all. The foundation itself has a very hard consistancy, it emphasizes the imperfections and it is hard to use.

L'oreal Roll-on true match foundation

MAC blush in Well Dressed

This product was so raved about and the colour is so beautiful that I bought it without even trying it. The formulation is great and it has a light shimmer to it. The problem is that Well Dressed is the exact same colour as my skin and I can not even see it when I apply it to my face. And I have a very fair skin!

mac well dressed blush

mac well dressed blush

mac well dressed blush swatch

These were the products for today! Expect the part 2 sometime in February!