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 Guerlain Meteorites Bubble blush in 02 Cherry


Honestly, I rarely buy Guerlain products. For me with this brand you pay mainly for the packaging. I've been wanting to try though their super famous Meteorites for quite some time now and when I found out that they are reformulated and they are part of the Guerlain spring collection I went to check it out. The product that I fell in love with though was the Guerlain Meteorites bubble blush. Sadly it is limited edition and there are only two colours - 01 Pink and 02 Cherry. So I decided not to buy the Meteorites, because they are not limited edition, and I bought the Guerlain Meteorites Bubble blush in the colour 02 Cherry. I liked the other shade better, but it was already sold out.

Guerlain Meteorites bubble blush in 02 Cherry packaging

The colour 02 Cherry is a bright fuchsia pink. The blush smells like violets. The scent is kind of artificial, but it does not bother me. There is 4g. of product in the packaging. Bubble blush is extremely easy to use, the formulation is really light and pleasant. I apply the product straight from the packaging on my cheeks and blend it with my fingers or a brush. I don't know what is going to happen when I use more of this blush, but for now this packaging is genius. The only minus that I find in it is the fact that it is plastic and for the price they could have done better.

The blush is quite long-lasting. Don't be afraid of the bright colour, Bubble blush looks quite natural and it is perfect for spring.

Guerlain bubble blush in 02 Cherry

I definitely recommend this product and I hope that Guerlain adds it to its permanent range, I hope for more colours too. The price of course is also a minus.

Guerlain Bubble blush in 02 Cherry swatch