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 Clarins Perfect eyes & brows palette for fall 2014 and brown Clarins 3-dot liner


I want to begin this post by telling you that I am not one of those women with perfect eyebrows. I am not very good in shaping my brows and when I saw this charming Clarins palette for brows and eyes I decided to give it a go. Clarins Perfect eyes & brows palette is a part of the Clarins fall collecton and it contains wax for brows, a highlighter, 3 eyebrow shades, mini tweezers, mini comb brush and mini duo-ended brush with an applicator.

I really liked the wax, it does its job of keeping the hairs in place. Another plus is that it doesn't start to look gross after you've been using it for a while as it happens with the eyebrow gel. Sadly you get only 1,2 g. of product in the packaging. On the other hand the highlighter is a total fail, I can't even notice it on my skin. You also get 3 eyebrow shades, 0,6 g. each, which can be used for filling the eyebrows or as eyeshadows. The middle shade is perfect for my brows. I don't use the eyebrow shades as eyeshadows because they are not very pigmented.

Clarins Perfect eyes & Brows palette fall 2014

The mini grooming tools work surprisingly well and they are quite cute. I like Clarins Perfect eyes & brows palette, but to be honest the only products that are worth it from it are the wax and the mini tools. This palette is quite expensive and it may be a better investment to buy the products you need separetly. Clarins Perfect eyes & brows palette is perfect for travelling and it looks really pretty.

Clarins Perfect Eyes & Brows palette fall 2014 swatches

Clarins 3-dot liner fall 2014 in brown

The other product from the Clarins fall collection that I got is the famous Clarins 3-dot liner. Clarins release this product only as a limited edition product with their seasonal collections. I used to have the black one and I wrote a post about it here. Now I bought it in brown. This eye liner is perfect for thin lines, you can dot the base of your lashes to get the fuller lashes effect. Too Faced have a similar product, but the ingredients in it are worse, it contains parabens. The colour of this year's Clarins 3-dot liner is a cool toned brown, which can look great on everyone and is perfect for every day. The shade is also dark enough so it doesn't get lost in the neutral eyeshadows you are wearing.

Clarins 3-dot liner brown fall 2014 swatches