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NYX lip primer


I ordered this lip base a while ago from the NYX website. It was available in two shades so I thought that it’s one of those lip products that are similar to a concealer and are meant to discolour your lips so the lipstick can show up in its full glory on top of it. It turned out to be just a lip primer, but I still like it.

I have no idea why they offer this product in two shades when there is basically no colour to it. I have the lighter one. The NYX lip base is quite similar to the MAC lip base (I’ve written more about it here) and it’s a good MAC alternative. It also smells really good, it’s very hydrating and protects your lips from the drying lipsticks.

The packaging of the NYX lip primer is quite sturdy and you get 3 g. of product. I’ve written about my problems with the packaging of the MAC lip base and with it you get a lot less product 1,7 g.. Both products change the formulation of the lipsticks. If you use them under a matte lipstick the finish is no longer matte. Another thing is that they don’t make the lipstick last longer, the Too Faced lip base is better in this department. If you like me suffer from very dry lips and you can’t wear drying lipsticks you should definitely try a lip base.

I am quite happy that I discovered a cheaper alternative to the MAC lip base, a product that I constantly repurchase. At the moment all NYX products are on sale in Bulgaria. I own a lot of NYX products and I haven’t written about most of them. I’ll try to publish as many reviews as possible before the sale ends.