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Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua laque in 02 Rose on the rocks and 06 Feeling reddy


Yeah, more lipsticks! And the worst part is that there’s going to be more! I really like the matte liquid lipsticks Bourgois Rouge Edition (maybe I should review them too) and I was very excited to try their glossy version. I bought two shades of the Bourgois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque a month ago, but I am still not too sure if I like them or not. I definitely have some problems with the formulation.

The shades that I own are 02 Rose on the rocks and 06 Feeling reddy. I expected Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque to be similar to the matte Bourgois liquid lipsticks, but with a glossy finish. This is a completely different product. The formulation is very light-weight and watery (that’s why they have the word aqua in their name). You can layer them and get a more intense colour or apply just a little bit to make them look like a lip gloss. When you apply them on the lips you feel a cooling sensation. Freshly applied Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque are very glossy. After two hours it’s all gone.

Bourjois Rouge Edition laque in 02 Rose on the rocks and 06 Feeling reddy

02 Rose on the rocks is a mauve shade, you can’t really see much colour on the lips. 06 Feeling reddy is an orange-red shade, I really love this colour. The problem with the red shade is that the formulation is very watery and it bleeds. You definitely need a lip liner for the brighter shades. The big problem with these lipsticks is that they are not at all long lasting. After you eat or drink 06 Feeling reddy looks just awful and you need to immediately reapply it. The packaging is cute and you get 7,7 ml. of product.