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NYX matte lipstick in Audrey and Euro trash


Today I'm going to talk about another interesting NYX product - the matte lipsticks. They received a lot of positive feedback and from the swatches online I really liked the shade Whipped Caviar. This is one of those 90s colours inspired by Kylie Jenner. I couldn't find this shade and got another one called Euro trash instead  which is a little bit darker. Because the name is just horrible I picked also the shade Audrey, I just love this actress.

There's one thing you should know about these lipsticks, they smell bad, it's some sort of a plastic scent. Fortunatelly it's not overwhelming and does not linger on the lips. I think that this is the only bad thing I can say about these lipsticks. The formulation is quite interesting and I haven't used anything like it before - it's a matte finish, but not really. They are definitely hydrating and does not dry out your lips. I quite like the packaging and you get the generous 4,5 g.. There are a lot of shades in the range.

Euro trash is a neutral brown. I don't own anything like it and I quite like it. Audrey is your classic light neutral pink similar to MAC Angel. I like this colour because it goes with everything. The only thing I don't like about these lipsticks is the way they smell. At the moment all NYX products are on sale. I hope that we get more of their new releases after the sale is over.

NYX matte lipstick in Audrey and Euro trash