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L'Oréal Le palette Ombrée (Smoky)


This palette was an impulse purchase. I was intrigued by L'Oréal Le palette Ombrée ever since I saw in on L'Oréal’s Facebook page. I’d never heard of it before. There wasn’t a lot of information online too. So I bought it a couple of weeks ago and mainly because I was curious about it.

L'Oréal Le palette Ombrée (Smoky)On the packaging it says Ombrée, but online I find it named Smoky. I own the other L'Oréal palette La palette nude (you can read my review here) and the quality of this one was relatively good. That’s why I didn’t swatch the eyeshadows in the store before buying it. This turned out to be a huge mistake. I don’t enjoy writing negative reviews, but the truth is that I haven’t bought a palette with such low quality eyeshadows in ages. The eyeshadows in L'Oréal Le palette Ombrée are not pigmented at all. You can’t do a decent makeup look with it. When you apply them on the eyelid you can barely see any colour. There’s only one shade in the whole palette that is usable. The price of this palette is around 16 euro, my plans are to throw it away after writing this review. Smoky eye makeup is totally out of the question. I had to layer the eyeshadows for the swatches. I definitely don’t recommend it! If you really want to buy a L'Oréal palette get La palette nude, the quality is much better.

L'Oréal Le palette Ombrée (Smoky) swatches