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NYX Intense Butter glosses in Tres Leches and Toasted Marshmallow


I really like the NYX Butter glosses and I own four shades. You can read more about them here. When I heard that NYX are coming up with an intense version of this lip gloss I knew that I’ll be buying it. At the moment it’s not very easy to get your hands on NYX. L’oreal bought the brand and we can expect the products to be available in the drugstores, but there is nothing set in stone yet. In the UK all new NYX products are now widely available and I managed to order the glosses from feelunique (link).

NYX Intense Butter glosses were exactly what I expected them to be. The gloss is very pigmented and extremely glossy. It is like NYX Butter gloss on steroids. If you are trying to avoid mineral oil you won’t like this product. You can practically feel it on your lips. The scent of the glosses is somewhere between the caramel scent of the Butter glosses and the scent of the liquid lipsticks NYX Soft matte lip cream. NYX Intense Butter gloss is sticky, but not too sticky. Almost all shades are either very bright or very dark. The only natural shade is Tres leches - “your lips, but better” kind of colour. I quite enjoy it and wear it as an everyday lip colour. The other Intense Butter gloss that I own Toasted Marshmallow is a very unique colour - brown with plum undertones. I have no problems when I wear Tres Leches. On the other hand the darker shade bleeds. The formulation is quite light and it’s easy to smudge. I guess that most of the shades have this problem.

I like both NYX Intense Butter glosses that I own, but they have some minuses. In my opinion Tres Leches is the best shade in the range.

NYX Intense Butter glosses in Tres Leches and Toasted Marshmallow swatches