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Maybelline The blushed nudes palette


If you follow my blog you probably know that I love rosy neutral eyeshadow shades. Maybelline The blushed nudes palette got a lot of positive feedback so when I saw in the drugstore I grabbed it.

There are 12 shades in this palette and the eyeshadows are placed in a way that makes things easier for the makeup newbies. The concept is the same as with the other Maybelline palette.

You get 9,6 g. of product, so each shade is 0,8 g.. You get a brush too, but I don’t use mine.

Maybelline The blushed nudes paletteI liked this palette! If you own the other Maybelline palette The nudes (my review here) you should know that the formulation of the eyeshadows in The blushed nudes palette is different. They are quite powdery. In The nudes palette there are a few great shades and some disappointments. In The blushed nudes the eyeshadows are overall less pigmented, but the formulation is more consistent. I would say I’m pleased with the quality of the palette. You can definitely create a nice everyday makeup with it.

The eyeshadows are not as pigmented as the ones in UD NAKED 3 for example, but this is a much more affordable palette. If you can spend a little more money, the palette I would recommend, is Zoeva Rose Golden (Princess palette).  This is one of my all time favourites and you can read more about it here.

Maybelline The blushed nudes paletteI wouldn’t say that Maybelline The blushed nudes is a dupe for NAKED 3. The colours and the formulation of the eyeshadows are quite different. The darker shades in The blushed nudes are the more disappointing ones, they are less pigmented. The eyeshadows are indeed powdery and when you touch them with your finger they feel a little bit like paper. They don’t swatch well, but when you apply them on the lid they look nice.

There’s not much of a contrast in this palette, there aren’t any really dark colours.

I would say that I like Maybelline The blushed nudes, it’s a good value for money. If you like such colours definitely check it out.

Maybelline The blushed nudes palette swatches