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Essie gel setter, Essie quick-e drying drops


Spring is here! I'm on a mission to spring clean my home and office this year and to get everything in order. At the moment I am going through my makeup collection and I discovered a lot of review deserving products. I haven't written a post about nail care products in a while and today I'm going to show you three products that I've been using for quite some time now.

Essie gel setter

This top coat came out sometime last year. Essie gel setter is supposed to give you the gel effect without the UV lamp. This top coat is similar to the quick drying top coats that make the nail polish dry quicker and look super glossy. Essie gel setter really does both of these things. It makes my nail polish last a little bit longer - like a day. I can see a difference, but it is not very impressive. The good thing about this top coat is that it smells like a regular nail polish. I find it very similar to Seche Vite and the Sally Hensen top coat (review here). I am not a big fan of the quick drying top coats in general. Sometimes I don't like glossy nail polish especially when I am wearing a shimmery one. I usually use drying drops to make my nail polish dry quicker.

Bourjois Instant dry dropsEssie quick-e drying drops and Bourjois Instant dry drops

I bought the OPI nail polish drying drops Drip dry a while ago and I really liked them. The problem is that they are quite pricey so I've been looking for a cheaper alternative ever since. I can happily say that I found two - Essie quick-e drying drops and Bourjois Instant dry drops. All you need is a drop on each freshly polished nail and your nail polish is dry to the touch in seconds. The Bourjois product is the cheaper option. I am not a fan of the dropper though. In the beginning I found it interesting, but the amount it dispenses is too much for a single nail so I waste product. I don't like the Essie dropper too. The problem with this one is the shape of the dropper. If you ever buy OPI Drip dry keep the dropper. Another product that I want to quickly mention is Essence nail art express drying drops. I had such high hopes for this one, but it was just awful. It makes bubbles in your nail polish, don't waste your money on it. I kept mine just because I like the dropper on this one.

Essie quick-e drying drops

Essence nail art express dry drops