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This year Clarins fall collection is just amazing. The most raved about product is the Clarins 3-dot liner. It is sold out almost everywhere. You can use the eyeliner at the base of your lashes for that thick lash effect. You can draw a very thin as well as a very thick line with it. The eyeliner is produced in Japen. Too Faced released a product identical to the Clarins one. Bourjois are also rumoured to release a cheaper version of this eyeliner.

clarins 3-dot eyeliner

 clarins 3-dot liquid eyeliner

With their fall collection Clarins also relesed my favourite super black pencil eyeliner Clarins Intense Line Pencil. It is similar to MAC Feline, but it does not smudge at all and it is cheaper. Clarins Intense Line Pencil is released only as a limited edition item with some of Clarins collections. I highly recommend it!

clarins intense eye pencil

 clarins intense eye pencil and mac feline swatch