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You know how people say that happiness is in the little things. Everyone has everyday problems, but they are also these things that make us smile.That's why I decided to write every month about things like that that just make me feel happy. This month my little things are:

h&m leaf shaped ring

1. This leaf-shaped ring from H&M just screams fall. I have to admit that it is not very comfortable due to the fact that it glues two of your fingers to one another but I really like it.

opi germanicure nail polish

2. The nail polish that I adore this fall is OPI Germani-cure, incredible rusty dark red, perfect for fall.

deichmann home boots slippers

3. It is getting colder and colder and these home slippers-boots from Deichmann keep my feet warm.

moratl instruments city of lost souls bulgarian book cover

4. The fifth book from the Mortal instruments series came out this in Bulgarian month. At the moment I am reading another book series ( I will be writing about it soon) and I haven't read City of lost souls just yet but I am pretty excited.