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Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment oil


I won't be writing a post with my favourite beauty products of 2015. Today, however, I want to tell about one of the products that I discovered this year and fell in love with. I like Clarins as a brand and I've been wanting to try one of their face oils for a while. They offer three different blends of essential oils, each targeted towards a specific skin type. I chose the one for dehydrated skin called Blue Orchid Face Treatment oil. It sounded as the best match for my skin. I spend so much time trying to find this oil, it was either sold out or it wasn't available in this particular store (they don't sell it in Sephora). So finally this summer I managed to get my hands on Clarins Blue Orchid and I have to admit that it was all worth it.

The ingredients list is supposed to be 100% pure. Blue orchid is marketed as a blend of natural oils with no preservatives or synthetic fragrance. One of the main ingredients, as the name suggests, is blue orchid oil. The hydrating qualities come from the hazelnut oil. Blue orchid smells a little bit like a male fragrance - kind of musky, keep in mind that another one of the ingredients is patchouli oil. I like the sent, most of the face oils smell of lavender, I hate lavender.
Blue orchid deeply hydrates the skin. This is the most hydrating face oil I've tried. My skin type is combination and I have some dry areas on my face. It really helped. On the other hand this oil does not clog my pores and helps with spot healing. It also fights acne scarring (all oils do).

Why you may not like this product? On the packaging it says that this oil is immediately absorbed and this is a total lie. Blue orchid is a very rich oil and you can definitely feel it on your skin. I don't think that you can use it during the day, it sinks in slowly and your skin is just oily. You won't be able to apply your makeup. If you use it before bed you'll wake up with no oil residue and skin hydrated to the max.
This product is supposed to be anti age. At the moment I use it a few times a week. My opinion, in general, about the essential oils is that they are a great supplement to your skincare routine, but they are not enough.

Another thing you should be aware of is that the packaging leaks. If you travel with it or decide to carry it in your bag, it is going to leak. You get 30 ml. of product and this amount will last you a long time. This oil is kind of greasy and you need just a small amount. For 6 months I've used 1/3 of the bottle, it's a good value for money.

Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment oil is my favourite face oil and I definitely recommend it. If you have your own favourite, I would love to hear your recommendations.

Clarins Blue orchid oil ingredients list

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I re-purchased some Clarins cleanser and moisturiser a couple of weeks ago and was handed a sample of this at the same time - now I'm really looking forward to giving it a go! :)


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It's second year I'm using this oil in winter time and absolutely love it! It's perfect for combination skin!


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Great review, lady- especially the bit about traveling with this! I need to hunt some down- it sounds super moisturizing!


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Nice review about Face Treatment oil

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I love Clarins products too. I would love to try this facial oil.

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It's wonderful that this product is completely natural Its awesome that it reduces acne scars but I'm not a fan of products that literally feel oily

Rachel xx

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