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  • NARS Narsissist Dual intensity eyeshadow paletteI’ve been kind of missing lately, but I hope that I’ll have more time for my blog now.

  • Ziaja Goat’s milk day creamThere were a lot of ads in the magazines lately of the Ziaja Goat’s milk range and I thought that it looks interesting. I got sent the day cream.

  • Egg-shaped lip balms, EOS, Flomar, SephoraI was buying lip balms like crazy lately and a lot of them are egg-shaped. So I decided that they’re going to be a great topic for today.

  • NYX Butter glosses in Apple Strudel. Raspberry Tart, Peaches and cream and TiramisuToday I was planning to write about a book that I didn’t quite enjoy, but I had a pretty bad day today. So I decided to talk about a product that I like instead.

  • Zoeva Princess palette

    I was kind of hesitant to order this palette. I like rose gold eyeshadows and I am sure that I am going to use it a lot.

  • Четките Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set vol. 2Every woman loves rose gold so last year Zoeva released a rose gold brush set called Zoeva Rose Golden luxury set. I really liked it, but I already owned most of the brushes included in it.

  • Essence eyeshadows with hairbandsTo be honest I haven't tried many Essence products. At the moment I am loving one of their lipsticks and one of their blushes.

  • Bourjois Silk edition compact powder and Bourjois Happy light Ultra-covering concealer

    I've been wanting to write a post about these two Bourjois products for a while. I use the Silk edition powder and the Happy light concealer in my everyday makeup routine.

  • Glamglow YOUTHMUD® Tinglexfoliate treatmentTo be honest I rarely use and buy face masks. The Glamglow masks though are quite popular and everyone says that they are miracle workers.

  • KIKO Cool Touch eyeshadow in the shade 05 Sought platinum

    When I heard that KIKO are releasing eyeshadows with a new innovative formula I was quite intrigued. I read about the Cool Touch eyeshadows in a few blogs, but I couldn't still figure out what exactly is that special about them.

  • KIKO Mosaic blush in 04 Hypnotic mauve

    Today I am going to show you another product from the KIKO Generation Next collection - KIKO Mosaic blush in the shade 04 Hypnotic mauve. The packaging is quite attractive and you get 5 g. of product.

  • KIKO CC cream cushion system

    I've been using the new KIKO CC cream cushion system for a week now, but I wanted to publish my review as soon as possible because it is a limited edition product.

  • Chanel Illusion D'ombre eyeshadows vs. KIKO Supreme eyeshadows
    I haven't written a post in this series for a some time. Usually after the success of a high end beauty product the drugstore brands come up with a more affordable dupe rather quickly.

  • top 14 high end beauty products of 2014

    This is the second part of the post with my top 14 high end beauty products of 2014. You can read part 1 here. My next post is going to be with new products.

  • top 14 high end beauty products of 2014

    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, who's the fairest beauty product of 2014!
    I have to admit that high end beauty products usually come in gorgeous packaging. This is the last post of the posts with my 2014 favourites.

  • Golden rose Velvet matte lipsticks 11, Golden rose Rich color nail polish

    Today I decided to take a little break from writing the long posts with my 2014 favourites and tell you about some Golden rose products that I've been using lately.

  • top 14 drugsore beauty products of 2014

    To write a post with the best beauty products of the past year is not an easy task. That's why I decided to write three posts. Today I am going to show you my top 14 drugstore beauty products of 2014.

  • Benefit go TROPI CORAL set

    Happy New Year! I wish you all health, wealth, happiness and a lot of love this year!

    It's so cold outside today and at the same time it is sunny too. I managed to take some pictures for the blog. Yeah! The sun outside inspired me today to show you a makeup set that will be great for summer.

  • Illamasqua Vintage Metallix eyeshadow in Biblot and Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Exquisite

    When it comes to makeup products I believe in love at first sight. When I first applied the new Illamasqua Vintage Metallix eyeshadow in the shade Biblot my heart skipped a beat.

  • Bare minerals the magic act palette Christmas 2014 

    I bought the Bare minerals palette the Magic act as a Christmas present for my Mom. This is my first Bare minerals product and I am so pleased with it.

  • Guerlain meteorites Perles D'ETOILE for Christmas 2014

    I wanted to publish this post earlier but I had to wait for the sun to come out to take some photos. This is probably the foggiest winter in history.

  • KIKO Lips seduction set Red berries ice cream

    Some of you know that I am a huge fan of KIKO Kiss balm and I own four of them (you can read more here and here).

  • Inglot eyeshadow palette

    It was so foggy outside in the last few days that taking photos was just impossible. I bought a few products from the Christmas collections and I can't wait for the sun to come out again. Today I decided to talk about my Inglot eyeshadows because this post is long overdue and the photos were on my computer.

  • L'Oreal Collection exclusive Blake's pure red and L'OREAL Color Riche Mono eyeshadow in 500 Lumiere
    Wakey wakey, makeup lovers! Beautylovesbooks here with a new gossip about our favourite It girl Blake Lively. Everyone knows her and everyone is talking.

  • Clarins Perfect eyes & brows palette fall 2014 and Clarins 3-dot liner in brown

    I want to begin this post by telling you that I am not one of those women with perfect eyebrows. I am not very good in shaping my brows and when I saw this charming Clarins palette for brows and eyes I decided to give it a go.

  • Urnab Decay NAKED 2, Clarins Ombre Minerale in 08 Taupe, Benefit they're REAL! mascara, Clinique lid smoothie, Loreal eyeliner

    I've been wanting to write a post with my most used everyday products for a while now. I usually write product reviews and some of my everyday essentials are just left unmentioned.

  • Chanel Rouge Allure gloss in 16 Extase

    Chanel lip products are quite expensive, but I think that they are totally worth it. As I've mentioned before I have very dry lips and the Glossimer lip glosses are the only product that can make my lips baby soft.

  • Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin foundation and Maybelline color drama intense velvet lip pencils

    I really want to try the NARS Velvet Matte Lip pencils, but here in Bulgaria we don't have NARS and their products are not very affordable. When I heard that Maybelline are releasing their version of these pencils I was very excited.

  • Benefit they're Real! push-up liner
    I am a huge fan of the Benefit they're real! mascara so when I heard that they are releasing an eyeliner I was very excited to try it. This product is getting mix reviews in the blogging world.

  • Rouge Dior Baume in 688 Diorette

    The new Dior lipsticks - Dior Rouge Baume are 2 in 1 product - a lip treatment and a lipstick in one. I have very dry lips and I was so excited to try them. I bought the shade 688 Diorette - a raspberry red colour.

  • Benefit Majorette boster blush

    The new Benefit blush Majorette is definitely an interesting product. I quite like the ad too. Benefit Majorette is a cream to powder blush which can be worn on its own or under a powder blush.

  • Daniel Sandler Watercolour fluid blusher in So pretty and Waterbrush

    I've been wanting to try Daniel Sandler Watercolour blush ever since I heard about it for the first time. I got the shade So pretty from the summer sale on feelunique.com.

  • Illamasqua Sculpting duo in Lumos & Heliopolis

    Illamasqua is a brand that became popular with its creativity and its bright makeup shades. This year the brand realesed a lot of products for everyday makeup and soon they are even releasing an eyeshadow palette with natural colours.

  • Dior Addict fluid stick in 995 Intrigue

    The Dior Addict lipsticks come in a very beautiful packaging, but their formulation was never my favourite. They are not a bad product by any means, but for the price you can get a better quality lipstick.

  • Catrice Beautifying lip smoother 030 Cake Pop

    Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector is a product that every beauty blogger has in her makeup bag. I bought it when it first came out around 5 years ago and honestly I was not that impressed by it.

  • KIKO Pearly Kiss balm in 101 Melon and 104 Passion Fruit

    Just like MAC, KIKO has amazing limited edition collections. KIKO Pearly Kiss balms is one of these collections. It includes seven new shades of the KIKO Kiss balm, but with new aromas and shimmer. I own two of them - 101 Melon and 104 Passion Fruit.

  • KIKO Kiss balms

    I have a new obsession and it's called KIKO Kiss balm. I ordered one of these lip balms with my first KIKO order. Then I ordered three more. The reason was that KIKO released a new limited edition collection Pearly Kiss Balm and I just had to try them.

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition 12h in 28 Pamplemousse

    There is a lot of hype at the moment around the Bourjois lipstick in the shade Pamplemousse. This colour was discontinued a few years ago. Pamplemousse used to be a crowd favourite and people started selling it on eBay for crazy amounts of money. 

  • KIKO Daring game collection fall 2014

    I placed another order on the KIKO cosmetics website. I shouldn't be allowed to shop online! I bought two products from the new limited edition KIKO collection - Daring game and I wanted to write about them while they are still available.

  • Zoeva Luxe cream lipsticks Zoeva brushes

    I've written a lot about the brand Zoeva. It has become one of my favourites. Zoeva don't have a huge variety of products, but I am under the impression that every time they release a new product it is selected very carefully and by people who really know a lot about makeup.

  • Max Factor Colour corrector CC sticlks purple and orange

    I really like the Max Factor foundations. I even prefer them over most of the high end alternatives. When I saw the new CC colour corrector sticks I just had to try them.

  • Urban Decay NAKED Flushed palette in Streak and NAKED Ultra Nourishing gloss in Streak

    I really like the Urban Decay NAKED eyeshadow palettes. I've been wanting the NAKED Flushed palette for a while, it conatains a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter.

  • Bourjois bronzing BB cream, Bourjois bronzing primer and Bourjois chocolate powder bronzeing powder

    I haven't written in more than a week, I had so many posts planned for the summer and now it is almost September. This year I tried Bourjois bronzers for the first time and I am totally in love with them.

  • Illamasqua Glamore Nude lipstick in Cherub

    I've heard that Illamasqua lipsticks are not that great. Not too long ago they released a new range Glamore, which got a lot of positive reviews. I have a soft spot for the "my lips, but better" lipstick shades.

  • Illamasqua Velvet Blusher in Sleek

    Yep, I am writing about another blush. I couldn't not write about this product. Illamasqua Velvet Blusher is the best cream blush I've ever used.

  • Guerlain Meteorites bubble blush and KIKO Cheeky colour creamy blush 03 Strawberry pink

    Guerlain Meteorites bubble blush was a part of the Guerlain spring 2014 collection. I wrote a whole post about it, you can find it here. Sadly it was a limited edition product and it is no longer available. When I was placing my KIKO cosmetics order a few weeks ago I saw KIKO Cheeky Colour creamy blush, which looks a lot like the Guerlain blush and of course I had to order it.

  • Tanya Burr lip glosses

    I ordered three lip glosses from the Tanya Burr collection by eye CANDY the day it was released on feelunique. It took me quite some time to write a review.

  • KIKO Life in Rio collection Essential Bronzer in 200 Warm Melange and Sun Lovers blush in 01 Ipanema peach

    When I first saw online KIKO Life in Rio collection I was really impressed. At the moment all the products from this collection are 30% off. I oredered the Essential Bronzer in the shade 200 Warm Melange and the Sun Lovers Blush in 01 Ipanema peach.

  • KIKO Boulevard rock collection

    These are my first products from the Italian brand KIKO cosmetics. The main reason for that is that they don't have a store in Bulgaria. Their website ships to Bulgaria though. Last week I saw that they are having a huge sale that includes their spring collection Boulevard rock (everything is 50% off) and their summer collection Life in Rio (everything is 30% off).

  • Zoeva Luxe Color Blush in Shy girl

    I am definitely now a fan of the German makeup brand Zoeva. The blushes Luxe Color came out at the end of last year. I recently bought one in the shade Shy girl.

  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Desperation

    There are three Urban Decay NAKED palettes packed with beautiful neutral eyeshadows. I needed some time to convince myself to spend a little more and get one of their individual eyeshadows. I totally fell in love with the shade Desperation.

  • Clinique Chubby stick shadow tint for eyes in 09 lavish lilac

    I've been wanting to try Clinique Chubby stick shadow tint for eyes. The shadows came out in Bulgaria only a few months ago. I quite like Clinique makeup, even more than their famous skincare line.

  • Guerlain Meteorites Aquarella

    Guarlain Meteorites were in my wishlist for a while. I decided to finally buy them and I purchased the limited edition ones for summer 2014 Guerlain Meteorites Aquarella. I know that this cult product has a lot of fans, who buy every new version that comes out.

  • Lancome Lip Lover Rose des Nymphes Bourjois dupe

    The new Lancome lip product Lip Lover gets a lot of positive reviews in the blogging world. I really wanted to try it mainly because the face of the ad campain is Lily Collins, who is one of my favorite actresses at the moment.

  • DIORSKIN NUDE SHIMMER instant illuminating powder in 002 PinkDiorskin Nude Shimmer instant illuminating powder is a part of the Dior Summer 2014 makeup collection. It is available in two shades 001 Pink and 002 Amber. I bought the pink one.

  • YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush in 08 Pink Hedoniste

    I haven't been as excited about a new beauty product as for the new YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush for quite some time. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I ordered the shade 08 Pink Hedoniste the day it was first launched at feelunique.com.

  • Zoeva Naturally me palette

    All the makeup products that I've tried by the German brand Zoeva were really good. The only bad thing is that they don't offer a huge variety of products at least for now. When I saw on their website four new eyeshadow palettes I got really excited.

  • Illamasqua cream pigment in the shade Hollow

    Illamasqua is a brand that sadly can not be found in the stores in Bulgaria. Their English website ships to Bulgaria though. Not too long ago I made my first order and I am very pleased with the products that I bought.

  • Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara

    The Dior mascaras are quite famous, but the real reason I bought the new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara was the gift with purchase that goes with it - a mini 5-color eyeshadow palette. This palette is just adorable!

  • Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush

    The brushes are very important for your makeup. When you have a full-time job or when you have to travel someplace, it is very hard to carry them with you.

  • L'OCCITANE shea butter hand creams

    Last year I bought for the first time the popular L'OCCITANE shea butter hand cream (you can read more here). It is now one of my favourite products.

  • Guerlain Bubble blush in 02 Cherry

    Honestly, I rarely buy Guerlain products. For me with this brand you pay mainly for the packaging.

  • Zoeva Mineral Sheer blush in Afternoon Delights

    I've never used a mineral loose blush before. I've always thought that they are messy and difficult to use. When I made my last order from the Zoeva website I saw that they had such blushes and to justify the delivery price I decided to order a Mineral Sheer Blush in the shade Afternoon Delights.

  • Zoeva The Zoe makeup bag

    I am not a makeup artist but I have always wanted a makeup bag. Unfortunately these professional accessories are usually quite expensive. Just before Christmas Zoeva released on their website The Zoe bag and I immediately ordered it.

  • Benefit Rockateur blush

    The brand Benefit is finally available in Bulgaria. Their products can be bought only from SEPHORA for now. I personally was really excited because I had never tried anything Benefit before.

  • christmas gifts

    Last year I published my Christmas wishlist (see it here). Yesterday I bought the last item on that list - the new Kindle Paperwhite.

  • Too Faced iPhone pallete Jingle all the way

    Too Faced released a few quite interesting Christmas palettes this year. I bought the small palette that looks like an iPhone 5 called Jingle all the way. I really like the idea and I think that this product can be a pretty fun Christmas present.

  • loreal mythic oil

    A huge mistake that people with oily hair like me make is to think that they should use only products that are drying for their hair. To balance itself the scalp starts producing more sebum and it can even clog the hair follicles and cause hair loss.

  • Sally hensen Insta-Dri top coat

    It is official - I am the laziest person on the planet. This review was supposed to be published this summer. This is the reason why you can see a pineapple in the photos.

  • Zoeva makeup mirror

    Zoeva website (link) delivers to Bulgaria now. The brand is famous with its makeup brushes which are really good quality and are quite affordable. I ordered some not too long ago. I need some time to test the brushes before I review them. Today I am going to write about their makeup mirror which I really like.

  • Max factor Whipped cream foundation 45 Warm almond

    I've mentioned before that I really like Max Factor foundations. Their new release is the mouse Whipped creme foundation. It promises a demi-matte finish and skin hydration.

  • YSL Touche Eclat pen

    It took quite some time for me to buy the highlighting pen YSL Touche Eclat. This product is quite expensive and its reviews are pretty contradictory. Not too long ago I tried the Touche Eclat foundation and I wasn't that impressed by it (you can read my review here). I have to admit though that I am in love with the highlighting concealer pen YSL Touche Eclat.

  • Clarins fall 2013 pallete

    My Mom is usually not that interested in makeup and she never spends a lot of money on makeup. A few days ago she came to me with a magazine in hand and asked me where she can buy the Clarins Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder, she liked it from a picture in the magazine.

  • Chanel cream blush Affinite

    I was once again not able to resist the black lacquered Chanel packaging and I bought one of their new cream blushes. The colour that I picked 65 Affinite is a very bright pink.

  • Essie Apricot cuticle oil

    I wanted to try Essie apricot cuticle oil for quite some time. I don't know whether it was just released in Bulgaria or it was me not being able to find it anywhere before but I finally bought it from DM a few days ago.

  • The blonde salad for Superga

    The blonde salad (link) is one of the most popular fashion blogs. This summer the Italian blogger made a collaboration with Superga that was so successful that the sneakers were sold out after only a few days.

  • Daughter of smoke and bone book

    "Daughter of smoke and bone" by Laini Taylor is a book that gets a lot of positive feedback on the Internet. I had such high hopes for it but I don't know why it took me forever to finish it.

  • Estee Lauder Advanced night serum new formula

    Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex is one of those cult beauty products that everyone raves about. This year Estee Lauder released an improved formula of their famous serum. I decided to give it a try.

  • L'OREAL collection privee and nail BB cream

    L'OREAL released some pretty interesting products lately. It was really hard for me but I restricted myself to only two new purchases. When I saw on the Internet (here) pictures of the new collection L'OREAL Collection Privee dedicated to the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival I felt an urge to go to DM or Lilly and buy everything from this collection.

  • MAC and Too Faced lip bases

    I suffer from extra dry and flaky lips for as long as I can remember. I usually choose to wear only hydrating lipsticks which of course does not last very long on my lips. The lip bases are a good way to transform the lipsticks that are too dry.

  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal night spa

    I was looking for a good hydrating night cream for quite some time now. Usually my skin really likes Vichy skincare.

  • Vichy Idealia BB cream

    I really like Vichy and I use a lot of their products. Not too long ago I tried their cream called Idealia. My skin really liked this product but my eyes and my nose disagreed. The problem was that it was very strongly scented.

  • Clinique Chubby sticks vs. Revlon Just Bitten Balm stains
    When Clinique Chubby sticks were originally released I really liked the idea. The product showed up on Victoria's secret fashion show, on the Tv shows Hart of Dixie and Prettty little liars.

  • Maybelline gel eyeliner in Black gold

    The new Maybelline eyestudio Lasting Drama gel eyeliner is definitely the most waterproof gel eyeliner that I have ever used. Maybelline warns you on the packaging of the product that you will be needing eye make-up remover for waterproof make-up, that you should close the jar tightly and clean the brush after every use.

  • Too Faced Stiletto red lipstick

    Some women look amazing with red lipstick. One of them is Julia from Galmeetsglam.com (link). When I saw in her blog the lipstick Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Cream in the colour Stilleto red, I immediately bought it.

  • Jessica Reward base coat and Jessica Brilliance top coat

    Jessica offers a wide range of nail care products. I bought the base coat for normal nails Reward and the top coat Brilliance. I am extremely impressed by both products.

  • L'OREAL gel eyeliner and MAC Blacktrack fluidline

    I decided to start a new blog series called War. In these posts I will be comparing beauty products with similar concepts. In today's post the war is between L'ÓREAL Super Liner gel Intenza 24h in the colour 01 pure black and MAC fluidline in Blacktrack.

  • Maybelline Color Whisper lipsticks

    If you are trying to save your money I highly recommend you not to repeat my mistake. Don't go into a drugstore. At the moment there are a lot of amazing new beauty products. Among them are the Maybelline Color Whispers. 

  • YSL Toche Eclat foundation

    I wanted to try the YSL Touche Eclat foundation for a while. I finally gave up and bought it. This product is the foundation version of the famous highlighting pen YSL Touche Eclat.

  • Clarins eye quartet eyeshadow palette

    Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette №10 Iris blossom is a part of the new Clarins spring 2013 collection. The packaging is very beautiful and it contains four Clarins limited edition mineral eyeshadows Ombre Minerale, which can be used dry or wet for a more intense colour.

  • Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks

    I really wanted to try the new Bourjois Rouge Edition lipsticks. I liked a lot of the colours but I bought 18 Violine strass and 08 Rose studio.

  • Bourjois eyeshadow trios

    During my New Year's Cleaning I realized that there are products in my collection that I just never use. Some of them are pretty expensive or have a beautiful packaging and I will feel bad trowing them away. This post will be devided into a few parts because sadly I have a lot of products like that.

  • Bourjois BB 8 in 1

    Bourjois released their version of a BB cream. Bourjois BB cream 8 in 1 foundation is in a compact form.

  • L'OCCITANE shea butter hand cream

    One of the most popular L'OCCITANE products is their hand cream with shea butter. This year L'OCCITANE released three limited edition lines of products with shea butter Shea fortune flowers Trio. Every line consists of a body butter, a hand cream and a lip balm in one of the three limited edition scents - date bouquet, mango flower and rose petals.

  • CND Stickey base coat

    I always use a base coat before applying my nail polish, because I don't want my nails to be yellow. Usually I don't care too much about what kind of base coat I am using, but when I heard about CND Stickey Anchoring Base Coat I just had to try it.

  • Revlon lipsticks

    Happy New Year!

    I haven't written in a while but I have a lot of posts in mind for the next few weeks. A huge problem for me is the cloudy weather. All my photos look awful.

  • OPI is my favourite nail polish brand. Today I want to share with you which are my top 10 OPI nail polishes for the Christmas holidays.

  • Yves Rocher vanilla lemon scent

    This Christmas Yves Rocher released three new lines of limited edition products with different scents - Vanilla Lemon, Candied Mallows and Apple Delight. I liked the Vanilla Lemon scent the most. I bought three products from this line - the shower gel, the hand cream and the lip balm.

  • Max factor Color Elexir lipstick in Mulberry

    I was going to write about my top 10 Christamas holiday lipsticks but I realized that in this category I just have an absolute favourite. Max Factor Colour Elexir lipstick in the colour 865 Mulberry is a really unique dark red with a very interesting sheen to it.

  • Max Factor All day flawless 3 in 1 foundation

    I know that probably a lot of people will disagree but for me Max Factor foundations are the best. I've tried almost all foundations in their range and I've never been disappointed.