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mac prep+prime lip base and too faced lip insurance


I suffer from extra dry and flaky lips for as long as I can remember. I usually choose to wear only hydrating lipsticks which of course does not last very long on my lips. The lip bases are a good way to transform the lipsticks that are too dry. I have tried two lip bases - MAC Prep+Prime and Too Faced Lip Insurance. In the post today I am going to make a quick comparison between the two of them.

Too faced lip insurance

Too Faced lip insurance

Too Faced Lip Insurance

Formulation - To be honest this lip base is a lot like the eyeshadow bases. The formulation is pretty light and you can hardly feel it on your lips.

Scent - This product not only looks like an eyeshadow primer, it smells like one too. I don't like the smell at all, it smells very chemically.

Colour - The lip base itself has no color, but it makes the lipstick color very intense. It preserves the original lipstick colour.

Hydration - It is definitely hydrating but if the lipstick is very drying it is not enough to prevent chapped lips.

Packaging - The packaging is really pretty like the packaging of all Too Faced products for that matter. You get a lot of product too - 4,46 g.

MAC Prep+Prime lip base

MAC Prep+Prime lip base defect

MAC Prep+Prime lip base

Formulation - The formulation of this product is pretty interesting, it feels like a thick lip balm on the lips, the lipstick glides on easily on top of it. It’s almost like this lip base transforms the lipstick formula into a more hydrating one.

Scent - It smells of vanilla like all MAC lip products.

Color - The lip base has no color and does not make the lipstick color more intense. It’s more like it changes the lipstick formula and makes it more hydrating and less pigmented.

Hydration - The lip base is really hydrating and I highly recommend it to women with dry lips.

Packaging - For me the biggest minus of this product is the packaging. I’ve bought it three times and every time the lip base broke at its base as you can see on the picture. If you are not careful when you open it the whole product can end up on some dirty floor and you won’t have any other choice than to throw it all away. With MAC Prep+Prime lip base you get only 1,7 g. of product.

My choice - I prefer the MAC lip base because I want a product that will additionally hydrate my dry lips. If you are looking for a lip base that is going to make your lipstick more intense and long-lasting than the Too Faced lip base will be a better pick for you.