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Червилата L'Oréal X Elie Saab в цветовете Musc Impact, Santa clash и Rose bang

The collaboration between L'Oréal and Elie Saab was released last year here in Bulgaria and it includes four lipsticks. I bought three of them - Musc Impact, Santa clash and Rose bang. 


Catrice Vegan Collagen matte липсицкс

The Catrice matte lipsticks were really popular in the blogging world a while back. 


Zoeva Advent 2022 calendar brushes

I totally fell in love with the Zoeva holiday Advent calendar the moment I saw it. The red brushes are just gorgeous. 


 Nivea lip scrubs Reship and Aloe

I haven't written here in a while and I realised that I kind of miss writing. Reading blogs is much more enjoyable for me than Instagram and YouTube. 


L’ORÉAL Color Riche Ultra-matte lipsticks in the shades No hesitation and No judgement

I haven't written here in a while. I am still pretty obsessed with beauty and have a lot to share but I don't have the time and enthusiasm for it.


My Goodreads challenge last year was a complete failure, I had absolutely no motivation to read. At the beginning of 2020 my enthusiasm returned. Then the whole COVID 19 craziness happened and I got totally sidetracked, it’s true for most people I guess.


Urban Decay Sweet Little Vices set and Urban Decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette

Last year I missed out on the Too Faced mini liquid lipsticks set so this Christmas I treated myself to Urban Decay Sweet Little Vices.


Urban Decay Naked Honey paletteI was looking forward to the new Urban Decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette. I like the yellowish gold and it looked right up my alley.


Benefit Punch Pop lip colour in the shade Pink-berry

I haven’t written here in a while. This morning I woke up feeling like writing a new blog post.


Червилата Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Compulsion в цветовете 55 Taupe seduction и 130 Spicy sangria

I am a huge fan of the glossy lips so I am really excited for the new lip products coming our way. I bought these two lipsticks from the Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Compulsion range at the end of last year.


What I read this month: January and February 2019

I read mainly fantasy during the winter months because it’s really gloomy and depressing outside. I finished only three books in January and February.


Charlotte Tilbury Superstar lips in Pillow talk, Walk of shame and Happy lips

Superstar lips is a new limited edition lipstick formula that Charlotte Tilbury released before Christmas. You can still get the product online.


MAC lipstick in the shade Sultriness swatches

 I'm a huge fan of the MAC lipsticks and I'm always excited when I hear there's something new on the horizon. Powder Kiss is a new matte formulation, which is supposed to not dry out your lips. 


Charlotte Tilbury Stars in your eyes  palette holiday 2018

I really tried not to buy too much makeup this year in order to reduce my beauty collection. Sadly I am one of the miserable souls who use emotional reasoning when shopping.


MAC @PatriciaBright lipstick and MAC WhirlI bought MAC and Patricia Bright’s collaboration lipstick when I travelled recently, I have no idea whether this shade is available in Bulgaria. The color looked like a darker version of MAC Whirl but it turned out to be a very dark gothic shade.


 L’Oréal Color Riche Shine in the shade 456 #Trending

The new L’Oréal lipsticks got a lot of rave reviews so I really tried to like them. I couldn't.


MAC Candy Yum Yum

I’ve always loved bright pink lipsticks and Candy Yum Yum was on my radar ever since it was released with one of MAC’s limited edition collections.


Zoeva The basic moment eyeshadow paletteI am a huge fan of the Zoeva Rose Golden palette (review here). I like it more than Urban Decay Naked 3. 


What I read this month: March and April 2018

I am once again behind with this series, but I’m determined to do these reading updates every month (or two). Today’s post is about the books I read in March and April.


L’Oréal X Balmain Color Riche lipstick in the shade ConfidenceI was surprised when I found out that L’Orèal has released their lipsticks in collaboration with Balmain in Bulgaria. In general, we don’t get such collections here. I own way too many lipsticks and at the beginning I decided to skip the Balmain lipsticks. But then I had a bad day, went to the drugstore and bought the shade Confidence.