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  • 2024-03-23

 Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Sequin 833 Fascinating

The must-have product for me this winter was the liquid lipstick with sparkling particles from Dior. It applies matte, but after rubbing your lips, shiny particles appear. TikTok showed me only this lipstick, and in the end, I succumbed and bought it.


Dior's packaging is always very beautiful, and this product is no exception. You get 6 ml. A big downside of these lipsticks is that they are a limited edition product that won't stay on the market. I suppose many duplicates will appear from other brands.


The colours in which this lipstick was offered were either dark or bright. The famous Dior 999 red was one of the options, but I opted for the brown 833 Fascinating. I don't regret my choice because the color is wearable even during the day.


This is a liquid lipstick, it applies matte, and after rubbing your lips, shiny particles appear. It gave me a festive feeling around Christmas. The formula is long-lasting, but it doesn't reach the longevity of many of the famous liquid lipsticks at the moment. For me, it needs to be reapplied or touched up every 5 hours. When we have shiny particles in a product it always decreases its longevity. The lipstick applies evenly and doesn't smudge. I prefer to apply it with a lip pencil for greater precision.

Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Sequin 833 Fascinating


Rouge Dior Forever Liquid Sequin is a limited edition product, it was quite impactful for the holidays, and I'm glad I managed to get my hands on it. I suppose cheaper alternatives will appear on the market. There is still room for improvement in terms of longevity, but it's an interesting product.