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 my Christmas gifts


Last year I published my Christmas wishlist (see it here). Yesterday I bought the last item on that list - the new Kindle Paperwhite. I have lost hope to get my hands on this product. Although Bulgaria is in the EU, none of the European Amazon websites ship Kindle to Bulgaria. This is quite odd because they deliver to Bulgaria almost everything else besides their own e-reader. Whatever, yesterday I saw it in a store here in Bulgaria and I was so happy, it was like it was sent to me by Santa, the last item from my last year's Christmas wishlist. Maybe I will write a special post about the second generation Kindle Paperwhite but I haven't decided yet. For now I can tell you that I really enjoy it and I already read half a book on it. I used to have Kindle Keyboard - the third generation Kindle, but it has a lot of cracks and scratches now.

Christmas gifts

In my last year's Christmas wishlist there were two YSL products - the foundation (review here) and the highlighting pen (review here) YSL Touche Eclat. I got iPad mini as a gift this spring and I really like it and use it all the time. Last Christmas I couldn't resist and I bought one of the nail polishes from the Estee Lauder Red Hautes collection. The shade that I own is the tomato red Beautiful Liar. I can say that this is the most luxurious nail polish that I own. The packaging is amazing, it requires only one layer for full coverage and it is very shiny even without a top coat. The only bad thing is that it does not last that long on the nails, only 2-3 days. Another product that I am really happy to own is one of the lipsticks Rouge Dior Nude Lip Blush. I bought the shade Swan (a baby pink), not № 169 Grege. I will write more about this lipstick in a post that I am planning to publish soon.

estee lauder Beautiful Liar nail polish

This is from me for today, soon I will be posting a new wishlist for next year and I hope that Santa brings me everything again.