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January was a month full of unpleasant surprises for me. That's why I think that it is important to publish the little nice things this months.

  1. I survived 3 weeks without Internet during the holidays. That's the reason I didn't have new publications on my website. I didn't think I would survive but it wasn't so bad actually. I spent more time with my friends and family. My eyes rested. When I sat in front of the computer after 3 weeks without Internet I spent 2 days surfing for all the new things.
  2. The nice weather - The weather last week was like it was springtime. Nothing can make you smile like a nice sunny day.
  3. The trailer for the first Mortal instruments' movie was released. It looks amazing and I can't wait to watch it in August.
  4. After the holidays I've gained 2kg. and can't button my favourite jeans. This is a fact that does not make me happy of course but I found this Youtube chanel with a lot of fun workouts link. I am usually pretty lazy and I don't like sports but these videos I really enjoy.
  5. Dan Brown is publishing a new book this year. It is going to be about Robert Langdon again.

dan brown new book cover