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Last month I did not write The little things post. I have the habit of writing these posts when I have had a really bad day. They always make me feel good. The little things for the months of april and may are:

essie bahama mama nail polish


1. We can finally buy Essie nail polish in Bulgaria. I've heard that these nail polishes do not last very long on the nails, but actually I really like the formula. They last on me around 5 days. Their brushes are pretty big and you can apply your nail polish quickly. They are shiny too. I already own a few of the colours and I will definately buy more.


2. I finally get my hands on the new iPad mini last month which is not that expensive as the standart size one. I really like it and I use it a lot.

quick milk magic sipper

3. I am addicted to coffee and I drink large amounts. Now I am trying to drink more milk instead of coffee. I really like these straws, they add flavour to the milk. I highly recommend the ones with chocolate and banana flavour.

 4. Feedly - I usually follow blogs with Bloglovin. When I bought my iPad I discovered that the Bloglovin app is more for the iPhone, then I downloaded Feedly. You can use Feedly as an add-on to the browsers Chrome, Mozilla and Safari and you can use the Feedly apps for iOS and Android.  If you install it on Chrome or Firefox browsers, when you visit a website that you want to follow you just have to click on the transperant Feedly sign on the right side of your browser window and you are good to go. You can see the new posts immediately in Feedly. When I use Bloglovin I am not always seeing the new posts right when they are posted in my home page . The only not so great thing about Feedly is that  if you use it on a mobile device you don't have this transperant sign to click on and you have to use the search box to find your favourite blogs and that is not always so easy.