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 Essie apricot cuticle oil


I wanted to try Essie apricot cuticle oil for quite some time. I don't know whether it was just released in Bulgaria or it was me not being able to find it anywhere before but I finally bought it from DM a few days ago.

I don't use cuticle oils on a regular basis but this one smells like apricots which I adore. You have to apply this product twice a day on your nails and cuticles. The oil is really hydrating and nourishing. For me this product has a big disadvantage. There are parabens among its ingredients. I didn't expect to find parabens in a nail care product and I didn't check the label in the store.

Despite this fact my nails and cuticles look really nice at the moment thanks to this product.

Essie apricot cuticle oil packaging

Essie apricot oil

Essie apricot cuticle oil ingredients