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 chanel cream blush affinite 65


I was once again not able to resist the black lacquered Chanel packaging and I bought one of their new cream blushes. The colour that I picked 65 Affinite is a very bright pink. I wanted a blush that will help me achieve these chilly outdoor pink cheeks that you can get in the cold months and this one is exactly what I was looking for.

chanel cream blush affinite 65

Affinite is strongly pigmented and you have to be very careful not to apply too much of it. I watched a video in which Lisa Eldridge applied it with her fingers but using her technique I never apply it where I want it to be. The best way for me to apply it is to put just a little bit of the blush with my finger on the apples of my cheeks and then to blend it with a brush, I use MAC 188. The packaging contains 2,5g of product but it is so pigmented that this quantity will probably be enough for me for a lifetime. You can not even feel it on your skin when the blush is applied and it lasts all day. I definetely recommend this product!

chanel 65 affinite cream blush

Le blush creme de chanel 65 affinite

chanel cream blush 65 affinite

chanel cream blush 65 affinite MAC 188 brush

chanel cream blush 65 affinite swatch