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 lóreal collection privee color Riche by Eva L'OREAL  La Manicure BB Perfect


L'OREAL released some pretty interesting products lately. It was really hard for me but I restricted myself to only two new purchases. When I saw on the Internet (here) pictures of the new collection L'OREAL Collection Privee dedicated to the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival I felt an urge to go to DM or Lilly and buy everything from this collection. When I finally went to the drugstore I saw only two lipstick shades - the ones signed by Eva Longoria and Julianne Moore, and two nail polish shades that I did not like at all. Collection Privee should include nude lipsticks, blushes and nail polishes signed by Jennifer Lopez, Frida Pinto , Eva Longoria, Douzen Kroes and even Cheryl Cole. If someone knows where I can find more products from this collection, please leave me a comment.

I bought the lipstick signed by Eva Longoria. I own all LÓREAL Color Riche lipsticks dedicated to her. I always buy them because I like her and the colours are always not my usual colour chioce but I end up wearing them all the time. Apparently Eva Longoria has an amazing taste in lipstick because Eva's nude is another pretty shade. It is an YLBB colour with an orange undertone and a golen sheen. I have a very fair skin and I have to admit that it would look better on darker skin tones. The lipstick has a brightening effect similar to Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy but the colour is more brownish and more golden. The packaging is really beautiful - matt black and gold, LÓREAL has changed their logo, now there is a writting LÓREAL on the lipstick itself. I've owned a lot of Color Riche lipsticks through the years. I find the formulation to be improved and I really like it. The lipstick is very hydrating. It has the typical LÓREAL Color Riche lipstick smell - not overwhelming and somehow classic scent. The lasting power is Ok. The only thing that surprised me unplesantly was the bump in the price - Color Riche lipsticks now cost 12,5euro. The beauty products are getting pretty expensive lately.

loreal collection privee Color Riche lipstick by Eva Longoria

The other product that I bought was LÓREAL La Manicure BB Perfect. This is a pastel semi-transperant nail polish which promises to do for your nails 5 things - smooth, unify, revive, strengthen, protect. Applied on the nails it looks similar to OPI Bubble Bath and Essie Ballet Slippers. You get only 5ml. of product. I have a pretty strong nails so I can't really tell whether it improves the condition of the nails. There is something that I want to warn you about though. I tried to use this product as a nail polish base and the result was a catastrophe - the nail polish did not apply evently on top of it and it did not last even a day. BB Perfect is meant to be used by itself. It makes the nails look nice and it is perfect for school or work.