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 KIKO Boulevard rock collection


These are my first products from the Italian brand KIKO cosmetics. The main reason for that is that they don't have a store in Bulgaria. Their website ships to Bulgaria though. Last week I saw that they are having a huge sale that includes their spring collection Boulevard rock (everything is 50% off) and their summer collection Life in Rio (everything is 30% off). I wanted to try some products from their permanent line too. KIKO makeup is quite affordable, the only problem is that the shipping price to Bulgaria is around 10 euro and you don't even get a tracking number for your order. So because of the delivery price I ordered a lot of products and I am quite impressed with their quality.
In today's post I am going to show you what I got from the Boulevard rock collection. All the products except the Color Shock Long Lasting eyeshadow in the shade 104 Snappy Brass are still available on the KIKO website and they are 50% off.

KIKO Glowtouch Lip&Cheeks in 103 Heavy Honeysuckle

The first product that I knew for sure that I have to get was Glow Touch lip&cheeks. This is a 2 in 1 product, it can be used on the lips and on the cheeks. As far as I know they release it only as a limited edition product with different collections. The shade that I own is 103 Heavy Honeysuckle - a natural pink. Applied on the lips the product is very hydrating, it makes the lips look glossy, it is easy to apply. Applied on the cheeks it looks very natural. The only problem is that it is slightly sticky. Don't think that your hair is going to be glued to your cheekbones, the stickiness goes away after a while and it doesn't bother me. People with very oily or acne prone skin may not like it though. You get 18g. of product. I quite like KIKO Glow Touch lip&cheeks, not as much as YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush, but after all it is much cheaper too.

KIKO Color Shock long lasting eyeshadows in 100 Innocent rose and 104 Snassy Brass

I ordered two shades of the KIKO Color Shock long lasting eyeshadows in 100 Innocent rose and 104 Snappy Brass. I haven't used them enough yet so I can't write about how long lasting they are. I've heard that they are similar to Estee Lauder Pure Color stay-on shadow paint, which I really want to try. I have to warn you though that these eyeshadows are very glittery. They are hard to get off too, you are left with glitter all over your eyelids. The packaging is really cute and each little jar contains 5g. of product. 100 Innocent rose is a light pink color and 104 Snappy Brass is a bronze shade.

KIKO Rock Idol lipstick in 03 Rebel Coral

The last product I bought from this collection is the Rock Idol lipstick in the shade 03 Rebel Coral. This is the new chubby that I added to my collection. The finish of this product is satin. The formulation is so light that you can not even feel it on your lips. You get 1,5g. of product. 03 Rebel Coral is a bright coral color with medium coverage. It is fragrance free.

All the products that I showed you in this post are paraben free. Another thing that I noticed about KIKO is that even when their products have a fragrance added to them it is never overwhelming. This is good if you can't stand strong scents. I ordered two products from their summer collection Life in Rio and my next post is going to be about them. For the rest of the products I am going to write later on.