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 My Inglot palette


It was so foggy outside in the last few days that taking photos was just impossible. I bought a few products from the Christmas collections and I can't wait for the sun to come out again. Today I decided to talk about my Inglot eyeshadows because this post is long overdue and the photos were on my computer.

Inglot are famous with their eyeshadows and mainly with their Freedom system. You can buy a palette and pick the eyeshadows yourself. I chose the shades in my palette very carefully, I took my time and was buying the shades one by one. I want to show you the colors that I own and like because I read a lot of posts like this one when I was picking the colours in my palette. Inglot offer a huge variety of eyeshadow shades and finishes and every woman can find what she is looking for. The quality is amazing - the eyeshadows are very pigmented, they blend beautifully. My only problem is with the matte shades - they are a little too powdery.

My Inglot palette

Inglot AMC SHINE 24 and AMC SHINE 31

You can choose between different palettes, they are all magnetic and very durable, you can put them in your purse without having any problem. I managed to dip my nail in one of the shades as you can see in the photo.

I picked natural shades because I can wear them every day. I bought the shade MATTE 352 so I can use it as a brow highlighter, it's a brightening matte color. AMC SHINE 08 is a light gold. The finish AMC SHINE has a lot of shimmer in it, but no fallout and it is quite unique. PEARL 397 is a champagne color with pink undertones, very similar to MAC Naked Lunch, but much more pigmented. I bought the shades MATTE 358 and MATTE 344 because I wanted an eyeshadow similar in color to MAC Quarry, but with better formula. MATTE 344 is my all time favorite crease color for everyday makeup. MATTE 358 is very close in terms of color, but it is more cool toned. I highly recommend these two shades!

Inglot eyeshadows MATTE 352, AMC SHINE 08, PEARL 392, MATTE 358 swatches

PEARL 395 is a pearly highlighter with yellow undertones, perfect for the inner corner of the eyelid. PEARL 402 is an absolute dupe for MAC Satin Taupe. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for this popular MAC eyeshadow definitely check this one out. PEARL 434 is pearly dark grey shade, great for smokey eyes. I don't wear this one very often because I think that it makes me look tired.
Another one of my favorites is PEARL 446 - a pearly purple shade, a very complex color. I adore this eyeshadow in the fall and wintertime. The last shade I have in this palette is PEARL 406 - golden browny shade. This one is similar to MAC Woodwinked, but darker and without the orange undertone.

Inglot eyeshadows PEARL 395, MATTE 344, PEARL 402, PEARL 434

I am really happy with this palette. With the matte shades you get 2,3 g. of product and with the other finishes you get 2,7 g. of product. I even started filling out a new palette, but I am taking my time with this one. The two shades that I have in there are AMC SHINE 24 - sparkly minty green and AMC SHINE 31 - shimmery light bronze color. The formulation of AMC SHINE 31 differs from the formulation of the other Inglot eyeshadows that I own. This eyeshadow smells kind of weird too.

These are all the Inglot eyeshadows that I own. I have one of the pigments too, you can read more about it here. I hope that this post helps those of you who are filling out a palette and are trying to decide on shades.

Inglot eyeshadows swatches PEARL 406, PEARL 446, AMC SHINE 24, AMC SHINE 31