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 Max Factor Colour corrector CC sticks purple and orange


I really like the Max Factor foundations. I even prefer them over most of the high end alternatives. When I saw the new CC colour corrector sticks I just had to try them. I haven't seen anything like them before from the other makeup brands.

CC colour corrector sticks are correctors in different colours, you should apply them before your foundation and they correct the deffects of the skin. I bought the purple one, which is supposed to correct skin dullness. My mother bought the orange one which should correct dark spots and I managed to test it. There are five CC corrector sticks released in Bulgaria - purple (for dullness), yellow (for dark undereye circles), green (for redness), orange (for dark spots for dark skin tones) and a highlighter. The packaging is really fun and I quite like the idea.

Max Factor CC colour corrector sticks Guerlain Meteorites

The purple stick is supposed to neurtalise the yellow tones in the skin caused by fatigue or aging. This product really brightens the face, the effect is similar to the effect of the Guerlain Meteorites, I find that there is a lot of purple in them too. I think that the way these sticks work will be different for the different skin tones. I have a very fair skin. I apply the purple CC stick under a BB cream and it works great. If you have a darker skin tone though you may have to use it under foundation. Max Factor's advice is to use the CC sticks with their CC cream. I find the formulation easy to apply. The CC sticks doesn't emphasize the imperfections of my skin and they don't dry out my skin. I like the purple CC corrector stick and I reacommend it if you want to try something other than a highlighter for brightening your skin.

Max Factor CC colour corrector sticks purple and orange swatched

The orange stick is supposed to correct dark spots and it is for people with dark skin tones. I saw on the Max Factor's website that there is a version of this corrector for light skin tones. You can't get it in Bulgaria though. If you have a fair skin like me this product won't work for you. The orange CC corrector stick corrects hyperpigmentation and acne scaring. You should definitely apply corrector or foundation over this product because its coverage is not enough to cover imperfections. I liked the formulation of this CC corrector stick too. The colour is not suitble for my very fair skin, as you can see in the photo the colour is very close to my natural skin tone and actually it can't colour correct much.

This product is quite interesting and I feel like a plastic surgeon when I paint on my face with it. The other three CC colour corrector sticks look good too and I am curious to read reviews about them. This product is definitely something new and different and it deserves attention.