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 KIKO Daring game collection fall 2014


I placed another order on the KIKO cosmetics website. I shouldn't be allowed to shop online! I bought two products from the new limited edition KIKO collection - Daring game and I wanted to write about them while they are still available.

The products in this collection come in great packaging, it is inspired by the games you can play in a casino. When I saw Daring game for the first time I thought that the colours are quite dark and bold, but after I spend some time exploring the collection I noticed that there are a lot of products for natural looking makeup too. The three eyeshadow quads Queen of Hearts contain mostly browny eyeshadows. I bought the one palette that was a little bit more colorful 02 Luxury Stone Green. I really like khaki colours for fall. There isn't a true green shade in 02 Luxury Stone Green. The eyeshadows in this palette are basicly grey with some khaki undertones, they are in the same colour family as the Chanel cream eyeshadow in Epatant. Luxury Stone Green is a very interesting palette and I really like it. The quality of the eyeshadows is very good too. The only shade that was a little bit disapponting was the lightest shade, it is not very pigmented and it is mainly just glitter. The other three eyeshadows are pigmented and very easy to blend. The two light shades are very shimmery. The interesting thing is that during the day they don't appear to be so glittery, but under an artificial light you can see a lot of glitter on your eyelids. The palette contains 4 eyeshadows 2g. each, which is a good amount of product. The two darker shades in the palette are shimmery too, but they don't have glitter in them. From my experience with KIKO eyeshadows I think you should always expect a fair amount of glitter. I definitely recommend this palette considering its affordable price. You can use the eyeshadows wet too for a dramatic effect.

KIKO Queen of hearts eyeshadow palette and Poker nail laquer in 05 Exclusive blue

KIKO Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette in 02 Luxury Stone Green and Poker nail laquer in 05 Exclusive blue

I didn't know that KIKO nail polishes can be delivered to Bulgaria. I learned the good news thanks to Beautiful sin. There are six shades of Pocker nail laquer in the Daring game collection, every one of them has a different dart number painted on the cap. I bought the shade 05 Exclusive blue. KIKO nail polishes are usually quite affordable, but Poker nail laquer costs 6,90 euro. I liked all the colours in this collection, but I've never tried KIKO nail polishes before. A Poker nail laquer costs as much as an Essie nail polish so I ordered only one shade. 05 Exclusive blue is a bright true blue colour. The quality of this product is really good. You need two coats for an opaque colour. I have this nail polish on my nails for four days and it looks like I've just painted my nails today. The formulation was more watery than I'm used to, but I didn't have any problem applying it. The nail polish has a gel effect and you don't need to apply a top coat over it. The packaging contains 11 ml. of product.

KIKO Queen of hearts eyeshadow palette in 02 Luxury Stone Green

KIKO Queen of Hearts eyeshadow palette in 02 Luxury Stone Green swatches