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Egg-shaped lip balms, EOS, Flomar, Sephora


Happy Easter!

I was buying lip balms like crazy lately and a lot of them are egg-shaped. So I decided that they’re going to be a great topic for today. These products come in a very attractive packaging. If you are in a room with complete strangers and you apply one of these on your lips everyone is going to be interested in what’s this egg-shaped thing. So here is what I think about each one of these lip balms:

EOS lip balm Strawberry sorbet and Flomar Watermelon milkshake

EOS lip balm (link) - This product is quite popular. It’s not so pricy but it used to be very hard to find. I bought mine in England and it costed me around 6 pounds. The flavour that I have is Strawberry Sorbet, which is just a strawberry aroma. Because of all the bad reviews I’d read I expected a lip balm that does not hydrate the lips at all, but I was pleasantly surprised. I would say that I like it and I would even buy it again. I think that there are a few Facebook pages in Bulgaria that sell it, but you can’t find it in the stores. You get 7 g. of product in the packaging. This lip balm has a clear colour.

EOS lip balm Strawberry Sorbet and Flomar lip balm Watermelon milkshakeFlomar care 4 lips - This lip balm is new and it’s a dupe for the EOS lip balm. I bought the one called Watermelon milkshake, to me it smells like some sort of bubblegum. The nice thing about this lip balm is that it has SPF15. When I opened it for the first time the packaging broke. And I bought it just because of the packaging! The lip balm itself is not bad, I would even say that it’s more hydrating than the EOS lip balm. The good news is that at least I can get to the product and still use it. You get 11 g. in the packaging. This lip balm too does not have colour.

Flomar egg lip balm broken packagingSephora Kiss me lip balm - This product is a little different from the other ones, because it’s actually quite pigmented and it even leaves the lips glossy. I have the shade Strawberry Fizz, it’s a strawberry flavour, but it’s not the typical one, it’s more like strawberry syrup. Because of the shape application can be a challenge, but I still like it. It hydrates the lips, but it does not do miracles. You get 5,8 g. of product.

EOS lip balm Sephora egg lip balm

Sephora egg lip balm Strawberry Fizz