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OLE HENRIKSEN pure truth melting cleanser


OLE HENRIKSEN pure truth melting cleanser is one of my new favourite skincare products. This is my first product by the brand, it sounded really interesting. We don’t have OLE HENRIKSEN here in Bulgaria, but we can order it online (link).

Pure truth melting cleanser is a 3 in 1 cleansing gelee. The formulation is quite interesting. In the packaging it looks like a marmalade, you are supposed to apply it on dry skin, when it touches the skin it transforms into an oil. After you add water it transforms once again into a milky emulsion.

This product can’t be used for removing eye makeup, you can only clean your face with it. It leaves the skin very clean and hydrated, you can use it every day and it’s very gentle on the skin. It does not smell of oranges though, the scent is more lemony and it’s not very strong. The packaging contains 118 ml.. This product is very fun to use and this is the main reason why it does not last very long.

OLE HENRIKSEN pure truth melting cleanserOLE HENRIKSEN pure truth melting cleanser is a cleansing product, it hydrates a little bit, but other than that I don’t think that it works like a skincare product. Despite that I am already addicted to this gelee and I highly recommend it. I would love it if there were cheaper alternatives of this product.

Another thing I like about Pure truth melting cleanser is that it works quite fast, it’s not like with the most of the cleansing balms and oils. I am using it with the Ecotools konjac sponge, this is another one of my new skincare favourites, you can find it in any drugstore.