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Nivea lip butters Cocoa, Coconut, Blueberry blush


I am a huge fan of the Nivea lip butters and when I heard that they have added three new flavours to the range I went and bought all three of them.

I know that many people have a problem with the ingredients and the fact that there’s mineral oil among them, but I just adore these lip balms. They make my lips so soft and they smell amazing. The three new aromas are Coconut, Cocoa and Blueberry blush.

Nivea lip butters Cocoa, Coconut and Blueberry blush

It seems like Coconut has become every blogger’s new favourite because it smells exactly like Bounty. Cocoa does not smell like cocoa powder, to me the scent is hazelnut. None of the three has any colour payoff. Blueberry blush smells of blueberries, but it’s a very sweet scent like the one in the Milka chocolate with blueberries .

I agree with the other bloggers that Coconut is the best one of the new flavours, but I quite like the other two as well. Do you like the Nivea lip butters?