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Lancome Shine lover in 286 Brun de coquette


To be honest I bought Lancome Shine lover (link) mainly because of the packaging. I was immediately drawn to this beauty in white and silver.

The product itself is a semi-transparent lipstick which promises 8-hour hydration of the lips. I chose one of the darkest shades 286 Brun de coquette because you just don't get a lot of colour with these. The formulation reminds me of KIKO Kiss balm (you can read more about them here and here). Lancome Shine lover hydrates the lips, but I don't think that the effect lasts 8 hours. It contains mineral oil and I am not completely sold on the formula. The shade Brun de coquette is a brown with reddish undertones and I like it. These lipsticks are not at all long-lasting, they are gone around the two hour mark.

The formulation of Shine lover is very buttery and it melts on the lips. If you leave your lipstick in the car it might melt. The lipsticks smell similar to the Bourjois lip glosses, but it's not an overwhelming scent.

Usually I like such lip products, I've shared with you my obsession with KIKO Kiss balms. I don't think though that you should pay a lot of money. Lancome Shine lover is neither an intense lip balm nor a quality lip colour. If you want something similar KIKO Kiss balms are basically the same thing, they even smell better.

I have to admit that the packaging of Lancome Shine lover is just gorgeous. You get 3,2 g. of product, it won't last you a long time because the formulation is very buttery and not very pigmented.

My conclusion is that Lancome Shine lover is an overpriced lip balm in a stunningly beautiful packaging.

Lancome Shine lover in 286 Brun de coquette swatch