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books I read in January


I promised myself that this year I'll post my "What I read this month" regularly. In January I read three books. I liked all of them, but my favourite is The edge of never by J. A. Redmerski. Here are my thoughts about these books:

1. The edge of never by J. A. Redmerskifour stars

Page number: 496

Publication date: July 2013

Translated in Bulgarian: yes

Last year I read a few new adult novels, but to be honest I was not impressed. Most of them are just rosy novels or even worse describe toxic relationships. I had low expectation for The edge of never by J. A. Redmerski, but I was pleasantly surprised. The story is a page turner. I've read the first book in the other Redmerski series In the company of killers - Killing Sarai (I've written more about it here). The two series are quite different. The main character in The edge of never is the twenty years old Camryn . After she had a fight with her best friends she buys a bus ticket, but she has no idea where she's going. Camryn meets the other main character Andrew on the bus. It's a love story, but the characters are very interesting. I like books with road trips. The edge of never is actually the new adult version of a very popular young adult novel. I won't tell you which one because I don't want to spoil the book for you.

2. The gifts of imperfection by Brene Brownthree stars

Page number: 160

Publication date: September 2010

Translated in Bulgarian: yes

Brene Brown is on my reading radar for quite some time. A lot of my favourite authors and bloggers often mention her. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote about her in her newest book Big magic. I decided that it's time for me to read The gifts of imperfection - Brene Brown's most popular book. Lately I've been very interested in psychology. I haven't written about it here because I am not sure if you'll be interested. I was already familiar with a lot of the concepts in The gifts of imperfection. The main idea is that you should love yourself before you try to take care of another. The interesting thing is that Brene Brown is a researcher and the information in the book is based on research and statistics. I suspect that my problem with this book is due to the fact that I should have read it earlier. The gifts of imperfection is an interesting book, but if you are not interested in psychology you may not like it.

3. Sweet temptation by Wendy Higginsfour stars

Page number: 512

Publication date: September 2015

Translated in Bulgarian: no

I really like the trilogy Sweet evil by Wendy Higgins. Sweet temptation is basically the fourth book in this series. It tells the same story as in the first three books, but this time from Kaidan Rowe's point of view. Usually I am not a fan of such books, but if you've read Sweet evil you'll know how interesting is this particular character. If you haven't read the Sweet evil trilogy you won't be able to understand what's going on in Sweet temptation. Some parts of the story are missing. I like Kaidan Rowe as a character and I liked Sweet temptation. Sadly the books are not published in Bulgarian.