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Clinique Pop Lacquer lip colour+base in the shade 03 Happy pop


Clinique Happy is one of my all time favourite fragrances, it does not last long throughout the day though. You know how much I like the Clinique Pop lip colour+primer lipsticks from my post here. When I saw the shade called Happy pop from the new Pop Lacquer range I just had to get it. Fortunately the colour is just gorgeous, one of these lovely coral shades which are great for summer (How many of these will I get this year?). I didn’t buy it in Bulgaria and I have no idea whether the lip lacquers and this shade in particular are already available here. I think I saw them though, but I may be wrong.

Clinique Pop Lacquer lip colour+base in the shade 03 Happy pop - photos, ingredients

Clinique Pop lacquer is a lip lacquer and it is very glossy. The formulation is something new and quite different, reminds me of a gel. It’s thick and quite tacky (only when you are applying it). Don’t worry about it too much, on the lips it feels lightweight and very hydrating. The lipstick is not very sticky, but you can count on the fact that your hair will stick to it.

The applicator is also very interesting and it’s really precise. The lippie is fragrance free as all Clinique products. You get 6 ml. in the packaging.

I personally like the formulation. It’s very glossy and I’m sick of all these mattes. It’s very pigmented too.

To be honest I would forgive this gorgeous colour almost anything. Happy pop is a sunny orangey red, there is some pink in the mix as well. This is like the glossy version of the Kendall Jenner lipstick for Estee Lauder (review here). If you spot it in the store definitely swatch it, the colour is amazing.

I quite like this product and I’m sure that it will be among my favourites this summer.

Clinique Pop Lacquer lip colour+base in the shade 03 Happy pop swatches