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  • 2017-09-17
10 reasons NOT to be a perfectionist

This post is about the everyday struggles of the perfectionists.

  1. Perfectionists have trouble finishing projects - Everything the perfectionist does must be perfect. The perfectionists always add new features and work on minor details at the last minute. They always miss the deadlines and are never happy with the final result.
  2. Perfectionists procrastinate - Every task can be overwhelming if you must do it perfectly. The perfectionists often procrastinate and have trouble starting to work on a task.
  3. Perfectionists are either very neat or very messy - The common belief is that they are very neat and love order. Often the total opposite is true. If a perfectionist decides to clean, he/she does it perfectly. But because of reason 2) many of them don’t bother at all, it’s too overwhelming. Another factor is that the perfectionist considers cleaning a very easy task that’s beneath him/her.
  4. Perfectionists bury themselves in details - The perfectionist can not prioritize, for him/her everything is important. That’ s why the perfectionists always have a lot of lists and are interested in all sorts of organizational methods.
  5. Perfectionists feel that they are personally responsible for everything that goes wrong in their life - If they gets the flu it’s because they haven’t taken their vitamins, haven’t worn warm clothes and s.o..
  6. Perfectionists are never pleased with themselves - Most people compare themselves to others, but the perfectionists don’t stop there. They compete with themselves in their best moments, no matter that this period may be 20 years ago.
  7. The perfectionist feels like an imposer - No matter their efforts, the perfectionists always feel like they are pretending to be perfect. They do not even know what they are hiding, but suspect that it must be terrible.
  8. Perfectionists believe in a Higher power that will one day reward them for all their extra efforts and will punish everyone who feels satisfied doing just good enough work.
  9. Perfectionists hate making decisions - They are obsessed with the idea that all their decisions must be right. The perfectionist is not allowed to make any mistake. They often postpone taking a decision until the last minute hoping that something new will come up and will help them make the decision.
  10. Perfectionists always scan their environment and try to remember as much as possible - They really like learning new things, but this is not the only reason. The perfectionists analyze everything and store information that can help them in the future.