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 Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream

Today I want to share with you which are my favourite beauty products this summer. Definitely the best product this summer for me is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB. This is the first BB cream that I have tried. Fоr those who are not familiar BB stands for Beauty Balm and is an alternative to foundation. It provides both coverage and skincare. Maybelline Dream Fresh BB contains SPF30 which makes it perfect for summer. In Bulgaria we have only 3 colour shades - light, medium and dark, which makes the shade choice pretty easy. This BB cream leaves the skin glowy and hydrated. It has a pretty good coverage for a BB cream and it can easily replace your daily foundation.

max factor angel nails and opi mermaid tears

My favourite nail polishes this summer are OPI Meramaid tears and Max Factor Angel Nails. OPI Meramaid tears was a part of last year's OPI summer collection Pirates of the Caribbian and it is a bright blue-green colour with grey undertones. The formulation is great, it is completely opaque in 2 coats, lasts on the nails 3-4 days. My other favourite nail polish is suprisingly from Max Factor, a brand that has never before impressed me that much with their nail polishes. angel nails is gorgeous. I bought it because it looked like the nail polish from the new Chanel summer collection. I don't know how close of a dupe it is because I do not own the Chanel nail polish to compare them. Angel Nails is a metallic silvery-beige and is one of those nail polishes that look like liquid metal on your nails. It looks like OPI Designer Be Better but it is more opaque, more silvery and it doesn't have beige particles in it. Angel nails is a part of Max Factor's Glossfinity line and it really lasts on the nails around a week as it promises. The formulation is very easy to apply, it is completely opaque in 2 coats.

Lush big shampoo

Another one of my favourites this summer is the LUSH BIG shampoo. If you have dry hair better stay away from this shampoo. It contains sea salt and lemon juice which clean the hair perfectly. The sea salt exfoliates your scalp and gives your hair volume. I have oily hair which during the summer is even oilier and I am in love with this shampoo. I advice you even if you have oily hair not to use this shampoo every time you wash your hair because the skin can adjust to it and can start producing even more sebum.

The perfume that I just adore this summer is Dior Addict eau sensuelle. After seeing the new Dior Addict ad you just can not restrain yourself, you have to go and smell it in the store. She looks so sweet, fun and free. The scent is a mix of rose, jasmine and white misk.The video is taken from Dior official Youtube channel.

 Usually I am not a huge fan of daily highlighters. This summer I found one that looks pretty natural Maybelline Colorama Blush 401. It is similar to MAC Soft and Gentle but it is pinker.

maybelline colorama highlighter

maybelline colorama blush 401 and mac soft and gentle

The last product that I want to mention is the bronzer L'OREAL Into the Wild. It looks so gorgeous with the golden overspray. It smells nice too.

l'oreal bronzer


 l'oreal into the wild bronzer