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One of my favourite blogs is A beautiful mess, it is full of fresh ideas about fashion, decor, photography. I even like the recipes and I am not much of a cook.
A few days ago they published this challenge called " 4 simple goals (before 2013)" link . The idea behind it is for you to choose four easy goals, which involve only actions and does not require accomplishing any specific results. I think that this challenge is something that can make you feel good and I decided to do it. You have to write what are your goals and you have to share your progress in your blog.

four simple goals

1. I wanted to start my own blog for a while. None of my friends is interested in cosmetics. I wanted to share my passion with other people like me. About the books, honestly I had a hard time remembering the books I had read, so I thought that way I can have some sort of an archive.

2. You know that scene when the innocent dear is facing a danger and just stays still unable to move. I read that this is an animal instinct that we humans also have. Sometimes when we face a heavy task we stay paralized instead of taking an action and fixing the problem. I feel like I am not taking enough risks and that makes me vulnerable. I am a good soul and I always try to be understanding with others and I avoid conflicts. There are however people who are just mean and cruel and if you let them they will crush you. I want to be stronger.

3. Since I started this website I realized how difficult it is to take quality photos. Reading other people's blogs and looking at their photos I decided to try to improve my photography skills.

4. I've always loved painting and I really want to be able to add some illustrations to this site.

The best thing about this challenge is that you have to reward yourself for your progress. It ends on 31.12 so I will probably have a huge Christmas list by then.