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L'oreal Nutri Gold extraordinary face oil and oil-cream


At the moment I really enjoy using face oils and when I discovered that now there is a face oil in the drugstore I was very excited. I bought L'Oreal Nutri Gold extraordinary face oil and the cream from the same range more than two months ago. So here is what I think about these two products:

L'oreal Nutri Gold oil

L'Oreal Nutri Gold oil -This product is basically a blend of essential oils. It contains mostly natural ingredients, which is great. This oil is not targeted towards a specific problem like dry skin, acne and s.o. like most of the high end face oils. The product can be used by people from different ages - on the packaging the age range is from 20 to 50 years old. L'Oreal Nutri Gold extraordinary face oil smells of essential oils, but the scent is not overwhelming, to me it smells mostly of comamile. This oil is not hydrating enough for my skin and it can’t replace the moisturiser. L'Oreal Nutri Gold oil gives the face a glow and that’s why I like using it in the morning. You can also add it to your foundation.

You get 30 ml. in the packaging. I like this product, but if you can afford to spend more money I would recommend buying the Clarins oils because I they are just better. I know that people make their own blends of essential oils, but I am just too lazy. L'Oreal Nutri Gold oil is a good product and it’s great that now we have a more affordable face oil as an option.

L'oreal Nutri Gold oil and oil-creamL'Oreal Nutri Gold extraordinary oil-cream - This cream contains essential oils and white jasmine and it’s heavily scented. If you have a problem with scents like me this can be a problem. This product is supposed to be appropriate for the age range 20-50 years old. I think that this cream is quite thick and heavy. It can be great for people with dry skin and for people with more mature skin. Another problem is that it contains mineral oils. I don’t like the cream as much as the oil. The oil sinks into the skin almost immediately while with the cream you need to wait at least 15 minutes. You get 50 ml. of product in the packaging.

Nutri Gold extraordinary oil-creamI would recommend the oil especially if you can’t afford the high end oils. The packaging of both products is very attractive - who does not like gold. The cream was not for my combination skin and if your skin is not dry you may not like it.