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 Apple TV


I can not believe that Christmas is just two weeks away. The little things that made me smile through the past month are:
1. Apple TV - I know what are you thinking, this is not "a little thing"! I like Apple TV so much that I just had to write about it. This magical black box allows you to watch YouTube videos right on your TV. In addition to that you can listen to Internet radio, Podcasts, you can buy music and films from iTunes, watch movie trailers and Ted talks. If you own another Apple product like an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac you have access to a bunch of cool features through AirPlay. I am addicted to YouTube, I can watch videos all day. To spend that much time in front of your computer is not very good for you. Apple TV costs around 110 euros but there are probably cheaper alternatives to this product. For me buying it is worth it.


2. The song "Heart by heart" by Demi Lovato - I really like Demi Lovato and this sound is from "The Mortal instruments: City of Bones" movie soundtrack.


3. Christmas decorations are everywhere at the moment. A Christmas decoration that I find quite funny is a Christmas toilet paper.

4. Like almost every month this month I have a mobile app for you. Sadly I think that you can only get it for iPhone. CARROT (link) is a to-do list that makes you a minion of an evil genius. If you don't keep up with your tasks he is wrathful and tortures your virtual pet. It is a pretty interesting way to improve your organization skills.