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 Real techniques Retractable kabuki brush


The brushes are very important for your makeup. When you have a full-time job or when you have to travel someplace, it is very hard to carry them with you. That's why for some time now I've been looking for retractable makeup brushes, which I can easily put in my handbag without worring about them making a total mess. Real Techniques released not too long ago a collection with such brushes in collaboration with Nic and Sam Chapman from Pixiwoo. You can choose between a lip brush, an eyeliner brush, a bronzer brush or a kabuki. I picked the Real Techniques Retractable kabuki brush, because I decided that it is the most universal one.

Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush

The first thing that I noticed after I received this brush was the retractable machanism. I think that it is quite interesting and I made a few pictures so that you can see for yourselves. The brush itself is really soft and its shape is appropriate even for contouring. The thing that you should know is that it is quite big and I personally would prefer for it to be smaller. I bought it mainly for powder products and most of all for blush, because it needs touching up throughout the day. This brush can be used for applying foundation, but you can always use your fingers for that too. I tried it and the brush worked really well.

I want them to add a retractable brush for eyeshadow in the collection, I would buy it immediately. I am tempted by the lip brush, beacuse I have a few lipsticks that are not that easy to apply.

Real techniques retractable kabuki brush step 1

Real techniques retractable kabuki brush step 2

Real techniques retractable kabuki brush step 3

Real techniques retractable kabuki brush step 4