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 Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara and 5-color mini palette gift with purcahse


The Dior mascaras are quite famous, but the real reason I bought the new Diorshow Iconic Overcurl mascara was the gift with purchase that goes with it - a mini 5-color eyeshadow palette. This palette is just adorable!
The mascara itself promises to add volume, definition and professional curl to your lashes after only one coat. Dior claims that the brush is modeled after professional eyelash curlers and should replace them in your makeup bag. The inspiration behind the mascara are the the big-screen eyes of the movie star icons.

Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara and mini palette gift with purchase

Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara and mini 5 color palette

The first thing that I liked about this product was the fact that it is not scented. The original Diorshow mascara smells of roses and this causes problems for people with allergies. The formulation of Diorshow Iconic Overcurl is quite dry and with a single coat you really can see a difference - longer, more voluminous, curled and separated lashes. I wouldn't go that far as to say that it works as good as an eyelash curler, but you can definitely see a difference. I don't have any problems with this mascara - it lasts all day, there is no fallout. The formulation is dry though and you can see it on your lashes. I personally prefer mascaras that are more wet, because they look more natural. You can buy Diorshow Iconic Overcurl in three shades - black, brown and blue. I got the black one in the box.

Diorshow iconic overcurl mascara with mini palette

Dior mini 5 color palette gift with purchase

The gift with purchase is a mini 5-color palette that is really cute. It contains 2,2 g. of product. The pallete that I got is 754 Rosy tan. The colours are very pretty and natural. I was surpised that the formulation is also very good. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and blend easily. The amount you are getting won't last very long so this pallete is more like an adorable souvenir than a makeup product.
I had decided to publish a post about a mobile app every Saturday, but these posts started to take over my blog. That's whay I decided to publish more about beauty products and books at least by the end of March.

Dior mini palette gift with purchase MAC eyeshadow

Dior mini palette gift with purchase

Dior mini palette gift with purchase Rosy tan swatches

Dior mini palette gift with purchase rosy tan swatches