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 Zoeva Naturally yours palette


All the makeup products that I've tried by the German brand Zoeva were really good. The only bad thing is that they don't offer a huge variety of products at least for now. When I saw on their website four new eyeshadow palettes I got really excited. I really wanted to order one of the palettes with the bright fun colours, but I knew that I will never wear such a bold eye makeup. Naturally yours is another natural palette that I added to my collection.

Zoeva Naturally yours palette

The price of the new palettes is really affordable 16,50 euro for ten colors. The eyeshadows are Paraben free, Mineral Oil free, they even contain Vitamin E. The packaging is a cartoon one and it is very thin and light. You get 10 eyeshadows 1,5 g. each. For comparison with Urban Decay Naked you get 12 eyeshadows 1,3 g. each. Zoeva Naturally yours contains mainly warm colors, there is a good mix of both matte and shimmery shades.

Zoeva Naturally yours palette, Urban Decay Naked 3 palette

Some of the colors are quite unique. Smooth harmony is almost a dupe for MAC Patina, but it is a little bit pinker. Forever Yours is a very interesting shade that looks different in different lighting, its finish is duochrome. sweet sound is very similar to MAC Mulch, but it is more of a bronzy shade and its formulation is a little bit different. Pure is an exact dupe for MAC Brule. The only color I was a little bit disappointed with was Timeless chic - it is very pigmented, but it is a black with a lot of grey in it.

Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix Naturally me palette

The eyeshadows are really pigmented, they are easy to blend and the matte shades are not too powdery. In addition to the palette you get two samples of the the two different formulas of the Zoeva Eyeshadow Fix. These products are quite interesting - there is a different formula to be used under matte and shimmery shades. When you apply this product it is a little bit sticky. I got Eyeshadow Fix (Matte) as a thank you gift from Zoeva when I ordered a lot of products. It is so nice when you receive a gift! I have to test it properly before reviewing it.

I definitely recommend Zoeva Naturally yours palette, it is a good combination of an affordable price and a good quality.

Zoeva Naturally yours palette

Zoeva Naturally yours palette MAC eyeshadows dupes

Zoeva Naturally yours swatches

Zoeva Naturally yours palette swatches

Zoeva Naturally yours palette

Zoeva Naturally yours palette MAC Patina Mac Mulch