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 YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush in 08 Pink Hedoniste


I haven't been as excited about a new beauty product as for the new YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush for quite some time. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I ordered the shade 08 Pink Hedoniste the day it was first launched at You can't find this product in the stores here yet.

YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush is a hybrid product - you can use for both lips and cheeks. The formulation is really light and creamy. The product comes with a special patented "hidden pearl" applicator, which looks kind of weird, but works great.

YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush in 08 Pink Hedoniste

YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush has become my absolute favorite, it smells amazing, to me it smells like peaches. The formulation is not drying at all, it applies easily on both lips and cheecks, it lasts a long time (longer on the lips than on the cheeks). I can't come up with a single negative thing about this product and if it wasn't for the price I would buy immediately more colors. I really want to try some of the bright shades.

YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush in 08 Pink Hedoniste

In the packaging you get 10 ml. of product, which is not bad at all. The color is really pigmented, it looks brighter applied on the cheeks, but that is normal because the lips are pigmented after all. The packaging says that the color is matte, but I think that the formulation is creamy and it has more of a satin finish. Tha shade 08 Pink Hedoniste is a really pretty coral pink color, it is the perfect everyday shade.

I definitely highly recommend this product! If you like the YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks you would love YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush.

YSL Babydoll Kiss&Blush in 08 Pink Hedoniste swatch