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 Urban Decay NAKED 2, Clarins Ombre mnerale in 08 taupe, Clinique lid smoothie eyeshadow, Benefit they're REAL! mascara, Loreal gel eyeliner


I've been wanting to write a post with my most used everyday products for a while now. I usually write product reviews and some of my everyday essentials are just left unmentioned. Fall is my favourite season, but this year it feels more like it is winter here and I already bought a few products from the Christmas collections.

LUSH Let the good times roll, Korres shampoo, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

The first product that deserves to be mentioned in today's post is LUSH Let the good times roll. It used to be a limited edition product and it was available only around Christmas time, but LUSH made it permanent now and you can get it all year round. Let the good times roll is a cleanser and an exfoliator for the face. It is not supposed to remove makeup, you have to use it after you've used another cleanser. Let the good times roll looks like a paste when mixed with water and you get 100 g. of product in the packaging. This cleanser smells amazing of caramel popcorn and the scent lingers. Let the good times roll leaves my skin very soft and hydrated, it exfoliates, but it does not contain any big particles that can enlarge my pores or clog the drain. The ingredients are great, it does not contain conservants. LUSH are definitely trying to make their products 100% natural. Ocean Salt and Mask of Magnaminty are paraben free now. I adore Let the good times roll and I'll definitely buy it again because now I am basically addicted to it. This product has a huge minus though, it goes bad after only 3 months and since we have to wait a lot for LUSH products here in Bulgaria when it arrives the months are probably already two. I used mine only 3 weeks and it went bad. When you are buying it check the dates on the packaging and be sure to start using it immediately.

LUSh Let the good times roll expire date

I have a favourite shampoo for this time of the year - the Korres shampoo with Liquorice and Urtice. Don't be fooled by the name, this product smells amazing. The shampoo is for oily hair, it leaves the hair very clean, but I don't think that it does anything in terms of regulating the production of sebum. After 2-3 days the hair needs to be washed. The ingredients in this shampoo are also quite good - no parabens, no silicons, no mineral oil. Korres do a great job in writing everything important about the ingredients on the packaging so you are fully informed what you are buying. This product is tested on animals if this is important to you.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

The parfume Tom Ford Velved Orchid is basically in every blog and in every magazine at the moment. I like it too and I think that it is great for the colder months.

For me Urban Decay NAKED 2 is the perfect natural eyeshadow palette, there isn't a shade in this palette that I wouldn't wear. I haven't written a separate review because you can find a lot of reviews on the Internet. I own all NAKED palettes and if you want I can write a post about them. I loved NAKED 3 in the summer months, now I prefer the colours in NAKED 2.

Benefit they're REAL! mascara

The mascara that I've been using for the last couple of months is Benefit they're Real!. I prefer more natural looking lashes. This mascara separates the lashes, it gives them length and volume, it does not smudge and I really like it. I didn't get along with the eyeliner from this range though (more here).

I have oily eyelids and it is hard for me to find eyeshadows that do not crease on me. Since I bought Clinique Lid Smoothie I use it as an eyeshadow base and I don't have any problems. The shade that I own is Bit O'honey - a champagne colour. Clinique Lid Smoothie promises to last on the lid up to 8 hours and it does that. After the eight hour mark it does not look that great but it is not as bad as with other eyeshadows. The formulation of Clinique Lid Smoothie is liquid, some people like liquid eyeshadows, others don't. I adore them! The packaging is a sqeezy tube and you get 7 ml. of product. The applicator is supposed to have a cooling effect. I think that it is useless, but the product itself is really good. I highly recommend Clinique Lid Smoothie to those of you who have oily eyelids and haven't found a good eyeshadow base.

Another eyeshadow that I've been using and loving is the Clarins Ombre Minerale in the shade 08 Taupe. These eyeshadows can be used dry or wet for a more intense effect. The formulation of Clarins Ombre Minerale is my favourite eyeshadow formulation - pigmented, not powdery, buildable, easy to blend. The shade 08 Taupe is a grey-brown shade with a little bit of shimmer. I like the fact that it does not have purple undertone like MAC Satin Taupe. The packaging is really pretty, but you don't get a lot of product only 2 g.. Clarins eyeshadow palettes are much better value for money.

Zoeva Luxe cream lipstick in 03 Melting Kisses, Chanel glossimer in daydream, Daniel Sandler watercolour blusher, Zoeva Luxe face brush, Illamasqua sculpting duo

My favourite product for contouring is Illamasqua Sculpting powder duo in Lumos & Heliopolis (review here). I use it with the Zoeva 101 Luxe face brush which works for applying all kinds of powder products to the face and I highly recommend it.

This autumn I decided not to go overboard with the berry-toned lipsticks. Zoeva Luxe cream lipsticks are amazing. I wrote a whole post about them here. My favourite shade is 03 Melting Kisses - orangy red.

The lip gloss Chanel Lèvres scintillantes glossimer is a cult product. I've owned a few shades in the past and I think that they are definitely worth it - they are very hydrating, non sticky, very glossy. Some of the shades are more pigmented than the others, some have shimmer, others don't. At the moment I quite like this one called Daydream - semi-opaque pinky purple colour with shimmer in it. I usually combine it with Daniel Sandler Watercolour fluid blusher in So pretty. I've written a review here. This one is the most long-lasting blush I've ever used.

I prefer wearing gel eyeliner and I've been using Maybelline eyestudio Lasting drama gel eyeliner (more here). Now I replaced it with L'ÓREAL Super Liner gel Intenza 24h. It is the blackest gel eyeliner in a jar I've ever used, you can read more about it here.

Essie bahama mama, Essie Bourdeaux, OPI Casino Royale

Essie Bahama mama is one of the most popular nail polishes for fall. This year I fell in love with another Essie shade Bourdeaux - a classic dark red. I like the formulation of the Max Factor Glossfinity nail polishes, they last on my nails more than a week. Burgundy crush is another cranberry shade, but it is a little bit different than Essie Bahama mama. Only I can need four nail polishes that are almost the same colour. OPI Casino Royale has purple undertones.

These are my favourites for the fall season. I hope that this long post wasn't too boring for you.