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Ready Player One by Ernest Cline


five stars

Do you remember the movie The Matrix and what a blockbuster it was. Ready Player One is the new The Matrix, but for now it’s just a book. There’s going to be a movie for sure and probably the director will be Steven Spielberg. I have already read Ready Player One twice. This month the new Ernest Cline book Armada is coming out and I can’t wait to read it. Unfortunately Ready Player One is not translated in Bulgarian and I seriously have no idea why.

The book takes place in the near future and this future looks very realistic to me - energy crisis, lack of nature resources, highly developed technologies, lonely and isolated people. James Halliday is the richest person in this world, he is the creator of the OASIS - a virtual reality in which people log into every day to go to school, to work, to meet their friends or just to have fun. When you are logged you are an avatar and it does not matter how you look in reality or who you are. James Halliday dies without having any hairs. Before his death he creates a game, the winner gets his fortune - 250 billion dollars and the control over the OASIS. The players must find three keys hidden in this virtual reality, the keys open three hidden doors. There’s a lot of puzzles in this game and they are all somehow connected to the 80’s, the time when Halliday was a teenager.

The main character Wade is an orphan who lives in a trailer with his aunt, he spends his days jacked into the OASIS. He is obsessed with finding the first key like most of humanity. And as you can probably guess one day he finds it.

Ready Player One is one of the most interesting books I’ve read. It’s a mix of philosophy, puzzles and interesting characters. I definitely recommend it!