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Lancôme Juicy Shakers в 283 Berry in love and 400 Mint to be


Lancôme Juicy Shakers are one of the hottest new makeup releases this spring. They are supposed to replace the popular Lancôme Juicy tubes, which by the way I’ve never liked (too sticky for my taste). I had to order mine online because I really wanted the mint shade and it’s not available in Bulgaria.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers in 283 Berry in love and 400 Mint to beJuicy Shakers are bi-phase lip products - lip oil and a pigment in one. You need to shake them before use (hence the name). The mint shade Mint to be is the only one that is a limited edition product. The different colours have different scents, but the ingredients in them are the same. They feel really nice on the lips and are not sticky at all. Juicy Shakers provide some lip care and hydrate the lips. I rate them higher than the Clarins and YSL lip oils (my review here). Sadly the effect does not last long and they can’t replace the lip balm.

The biggest issue with Juicy Shakers is that they don’t last long on the lips. You won’t get any colour payoff with the light shades. The dark shades tint the lips, but have another problem - they feather, the formulation is too thin. The oils last for about an hour on the lips and this is true if you don’t drink or eat during this hour. Juicy shakers are glossy, but the glossy effect also does not last long.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers в 283 Berry in love и 400 Mint to be - ingredients400 Mint to be is a very interesting product mainly because it is indeed blue. It gives blueish tint to the lips. It makes you look a little bit like someone with hypothermia. There is some shimmer in this shade. It has a faint minty scent. I kind of like how it looks on my lips. It is supposed to make your teeth look whiter. I don’t think it does that. If you own more than one Juicy Shaker you can mix and match them. This, of course, is a strategy to make you buy more shades, but I usually mix the two colours that I own.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers in 283 Berry in love and 400 Mint to be - review and swatches283 Berry in love gives the lips some plummy colour. It smells of blackberries, but I’m not a fan of it. Juicy shakers have a new sponge applicator, you are supposed to dab the product. It feels nice on the lips, but it’s not precise at all. It’s a problem with the brighter shades like Berry in love and it requires some exercising.

Lancôme Juicy Shakers in 283 Berry in love and 400 Mint to be - review and swatchesThe packaging is really cute and you get 6,5 ml. of product. I counted that I need to reapply this product around 10 times a day.

Juicy shakers are a nice product if you want to spoil yourself with something unnecessary. I don’t think that they are a good investment for money because they don’t do much. They are a tempting product to try. If you’ve decided to give them a go my advice is to pick a shade based on the scent you like. The mint one is my personal favourite.