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The darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken Bulgarian cover

 6.01.2016five stars

I was a beauty blogger in December, but now it's time for me to go back to my book posts. The trilogy The darkest minds by Alexandra Bracken is one of my favourites. I read it a year ago, but I never wrote about it. I decided to do it now because of two reasons. The first one is that the first book in the series is coming out in Bulgarian on January 16th. It was so hard for me to find the English edition of The darkest minds. In addition to the three novels there is another book called Through the dark, it's a bind up of three novellas. I couldn't get my hands on it in English and I hope we get it in Bulgarian so I can finally read it. The second reason is that the new Alexandra Bracken novel Passenger came out on January 5th. I've been looking for a way to buy it for the last two days and so far I have no luck. So the release of The darkest minds in Bulgarian is a big deal and it deserves to be mentioned. I 'll be so happy if we get more books by Alexandra Bracken.

The darkest minds is about a future where there is a strange new illness which affects kids. Most of them die and the rest of them get supernatural abilities that they can not control. The story sounds familiar, a little bit like the TV show Heroes, but it's very different. The government locks the kids in "rehabilitation camps" and divides them based on their abilities into different colours. The main character Ruby has the most dangerous ability, she can control the minds of other people (her colour is orange). The government kills all oranges, because they are too dangerous.

Ruby is sent to one of the most brutal camps when she is ten. She does not know how it happens, but she makes her parents totally forget she exists. Fortunately she succeeds in deceiving the guards that she is green, not orange. Six years later Ruby manages to escape and she teams up with a group of other kids with abilities. The story is fast pasted and very interesting. Alexandra Bracken is a great author, her new book Passenger also gets positive reviews.

I liked everything in The darkest minds - the characters, the story line, the love story. I highly recommend it if you like YA sci-fi.