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Clinique Pep-start eye cream


The eye cream Clinique Pep-start became in a very short time quite popular in the blogging world. It came out at the beginning of the year and when I managed to buy mine in March everyone was already talking about it. It costs around 25 euro.

Pep-start is one of those eye creams that have an immediate effect - it’s similar to the eye roll-ons, sticks and s.o. . The different thing about this product is that it actually hydrates the eye area and it’s a good base for makeup. You can see a difference immediately after you apply it, it minimises the fine lines, the under eye area looks refreshed. I can’t really say how it affects the under eye circles because I don’t struggle with this problem. The cream has a thick formulations and it really hydrates well.

Clinique Pep-start

I quite like to use it in the mornings, not so much in the evenings. The reason is that it does not sink into the skin 100%. After you apply it you need to wait a few minutes for it to dry out and you are left with a very thin slightly sticky layer. It works great as a base under the concealer, but if you apply this eye cream right before going to sleep it can get into your eyes.

The packaging really stood out to me and it’s not only because it’s orange. There’s no way for the bacteria to get in and the tube is actually transparent so you can always know how much product you got left. I definitely prefer it before a jar in which you have to constantly stick your fingers. You can use the applicator to massage the eye area, but I don’t recommend it because it’s way too harsh. You get the standard 15 ml. of product.

Clinique Pep-startClinique Pep-start hydrated well, it immediately smoothens and refreshes the skin around your eyes. It’s a great base for concealor. As all Clinique products this one is also fragrance free. I quite like it!