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  • 2017-10-01
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood lips Matte Contour Liquid lipstick in the shade Rising star

Charlotte Tilbury came out with a liquid lipstick. Of course I couldn’t restrain myself and ordered one. I already shared with you that I’m not a fan of these type of lipsticks. Charlotte Tilbury promises a hydrating product, which does not suck the life out of your lips. It sounded like the perfect liquid lipstick. I just had to try it!

The packaging

The packaging is gorgeous - rose gold and Hollywood glam. You get 9,8 g. of product. I really like the applicator, it’s very precise and you don’t need a lip liner.

The finish

I would say that not everybody would like the finish. I was not a fan at first, but I got used to it and now I like it. It looks like a matte cream when allied on the lips. I haven’t seen this finish before and I probably don’t describe it very good. It definitely differs from the other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried.

The formulation

The formulation is very creamy and it’s easy to apply. It dries slowly and it allows corrections. It has a slight scent to it. Hollywood lips does not dry out my lips. Correcting it during the day or after a meal is pretty easy too. Your lips should be in perfect condition when you apply it, because as with all liquid lipsticks, it emphasises every imperfection.

The shades

The biggest complain online is that the swatches on Charlotte’s website does not correspond to the real colours. I think that it's because the colour becomes darker ones it dries. I’m pleased with the shade I chose - Rising star. The colour is a neutral pink, it’s great for everyday wear. When you order online keep in mind that the actual colours are darker in real life.

The longevity

This is the biggest issue with this product. The lipstick lasts around 4 hours, it’s quite bad compared to other liquid lipsticks. I own one of the light shades and the way it wears off throughout the day is not a problem. If you get one of the dark shades It may be an issue.


Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood lips are liquid lipsticks with a hydrating creamy formula. The finish is weird and not everybody would like it. The longevity is the biggest issue, it lasts on the lips around 4 hours. I personally like the other Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks more.

Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood lips Matte Contour Liquid lipstick in the shade Rising star

The product is bought with my own money and the opinion is personal.